Keep It Simple l Tommy Emmanuel

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Here’s a song called “Keep It Simple” that appears on Tommy’s album ’The Mystery’. This video was recorded in January 2021 in Franklin, TN.

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Niek Van wensen says:

I missed the part where he kept it simple

planeshift says:

for such a small guitar, does he make it sing!

Vladimir says:

I always get goosebumps from this music. Thank you Tommy Emmanuel, you one of the greatest!

Adam Sawtell says:

Had your brother Phil sign a guitar in Rollingstone tommy. He was on a gig with pop standing.
How about you pop in and sign my black Bon Jovi like takamine
I'd wish get my other taks signed too but they are both signature models
One Garth Brooks the other Glenn Frey

Stephan Bijl says:

That sounds like guitar and piano at once 🧡

Everyday Rebel UK says:

This is beautiful. Thank you

Philip Vitale says:

Saw him in 2003 in NYC when he was a guest performer on a Les Paul show at the Iridium. Astounding. . .

Adam Barrett says:

Glad to see Tommy looking and sounding well in 2021. Love this song

Richard Carew says:

so… it's a good idea.. simple.. here's the Unified Field Theory… it's done with magnets… far out man

jerome go says:

watching you play just makes me smile man. thank you

Bagana says:

The simple part starts at 2:33 .

Stephan Jaschonek says:

Keep It Simple… And here I am being amazed seeing someone use fingerpicking and a plectrum simultaneously for the first time!

Lou L says:

I scanned the comments looking for the capo police! None to be found. Beautiful song, Tommy! Can't wait for you to get back into New England.

Baptiste Lacoste says:

Can't wait to December 1 show in Ottawa, Canada!!

Jun Hyoung Ream says:

great performance which is not simple

mjs says:

Tommy's definition of simple and everyone else's are much different.

Light & Salty 247 says:

I sure wish you were coming to California. Or Nevada, Oregon. I’d love to see (hear) Tommy Emmanuel again. ❤️♥️❤️

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