JustinGuitar Playin' It Forward đź’™ Free guitars for those in need

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👉 I’ve always hoped that I might be able to improve the quality of people’s lives by helping them make music. I believe learning an instrument can help us out of a funk and amplify our happiness, so I keep nearly all of JustinGuitar.com free. But sometimes, those who could use that kind of help the most can’t even afford a guitar to get started… And that’s where Playin’ It Forward comes in!

đź’™ Share this with someone who deserves a free guitar: www.justinguitar.com/playin-it-forward #JustinGuitar #guitarforbeginners #guitarforfree


Salvatore D'Angelo says:

Hi Justin! What a great opportunity! You are so Kind and a good person too! Salvatore from Naples (Italy)

John says:

Well done!!

Martin Hong says:

Mad respect! I was your subscriber more than 15 years ago. Never stop teaching. Bless your heart.

Laurie Smith says:

You are amazing Justin! Thank you for your giving and serving ambitions! This world is better because you are in it. I will definitely contribute when I can. Peace and love only.

Gary Richard says:

Can you do a lesson on a song by Merle Haggard ..A Place to fall apart

Fethdar says:

Amazing, great job Justin – your contributions to music are far reaching.

Michael P says:

Justin – you are awesome!

Austin Malone says:

Administering this program is definitely costing him some money. Very nice idea.

Stoff Fpv says:

is this USA, how would i donate a guitar in the UK?

W Savage says:

That is awesome!!!

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