Justin Guitar 2 Months Progress: Grade 1 Beginner Guitar Song Medley


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Quick medley of songs learned after 2 months with Justin Guitar. Thanks @justinguitar! Never thought I’d be able to play songs like this from memory!

1. Stand by Me
2. Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) – Oscar Isaac Version
3. Redemption Song (with my own version of the intro riff thrown in 😉 )
4. Fake Plastic Trees

Thanks Justin for the lessons, practice tools, huge library of songs, and your decades of experience thrown into an organized, robust teaching system. I’m looking forward to Grade 2!


Basil Clay says:

I learnt guitar watching Justin, excellent teacher.
Been playing for about 6 years now.
You are doing great, better than I was after a couple of months.

Raj Lakhani says:

Very good after just 2 months. You should be proud.

Jelčić says:

Good job…
Keep going, guitar is hard, if it was easy everybody would be playing it.
Justin is a great teacher, everything I learned was form him…
Thank you Justin

Michael Edmonson says:

Wow! I am so impressed. Great job, keep it up!

Tim Cookie says:

Super proud of you Internet stranger. Keep it up!!!!!!

IVI a 7V g O says:

Hi could you please tell me what songs you were playing? You are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!

David QuikPic says:

Way to go Jesse!!! Like you, I've been recently learning the guitar from Justin. He's so great and you're doing really well with it. Keep up the great work!

MADCOW 37 says:

Keep up the good work Jesse!:) I’m about the same age have the same guitar and am at about the same skill level.

Practice Like A Pro says:

you have done great jesse! keep up the good work 🙂

Joe Eiers says:

My first public comment on YouTube and have been seriously into computers since 1986. You amaze me sir. People have NO idea how hard it is to learn something like guitar from scratch and then to post it publicly. I am proud of you and will now aspire to do the same! I too am a student of Justin's online learning. Nice job!

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