Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Ariel Posen – "Crosscut Saw" Jam – Collings Guitars Booth NAMM 2019

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(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Ariel Posen, Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith at the Collings Guitar Booth at the 2019 NAMM Convention
Filmed & Recorded on January 24, 2019 in Anaheim, CA


Liam Burke says:

These guys are real musicians, Ariel came in soft so Kirk and josh also went soft on the rhythm to match his dynamics. Love to see that

wayfaerer320 says:

I love Kirk, but man, Josh and Ariel can play circles around that dude with ease – those two guys are just insane guitarists – complete mastery of the fretboard.

Srđan Popović says:

Guys nailed it..

3melendr says:

Too much fun! What a jam!! Just awesome and free entertainment!!!

Matthew K says:

3rd guys buildup was great

Michael Ramirez says:

not sure there's a tougher act to follow than Josh and Kirk, but Ariel held his own somehow. Only Eric Gales missing from this jam.

Rico Moto says:

Très bon 😋 pour mes oreilles

mabecka says:

THEY'RE NOT PLAYING AUTHENTIC FFS!!!! WTF! Bully Guitars will sue your ass!

Michael Ryan says:

I could watch these all day. I wish there were more of these types of jams floating around. No vocals, no rhythm section. I think Josh is the best player of the 3 but I prefer Kirk's playing with Ariel being a close second. I'm not a big Jazz fan so a lot of what Josh does in that realm is lost on me.

Murray elliott says:

Who's Best ????? who cares ?…'s like a Ferrari ,a Porsche and a Lambo lined up on the starting grid …….all mega in slightly different ways
Oh and did I say that I'm a Skoda compared ?

GuitarSolos says:

Josh Smith's vocabulary, variation and techique are out of this world. I'm blessed to have stumbled across this man today, thanks Youtube recommendations!!!

zain3434 says:

made me smile with joy !!!

William H. de Boer says:

Next time can we have one that includes Matteo Mancuso pls

Pat Bur says:

Can’t get over how good Josh Smith is it’s insane

Charlie Martin says:

looks like a Benedetto

Charlie Martin says:

very soulful dig it

Pablo Horteg says:

Incredible playing from all three. Wow.

Led Zeppelin says:

Yeah, this is great and everything, but….. I want to hear something that's taking the guitar forwards into the future. This is the past. This sounds like everything I've ever heard. Give 1000 guitarists a guitar and 999 of them will immediately start playing blues licks.

Kimmo Lingonheimo says:

brannew guitars with seasoned players,… awsome!

Claes Sorensson says:

That was great!

sawdust 69 says:

could listen to kirk t'll the cows come.

Juan errodas says:

Ariel was playing some out of tune stuff, did he mean to do that?

Bob Deluxe and The Ideals says:

This is great ✊

Mike Rawls says:

Thanks again u tube.

Marcus Fletcher says:

my uncle Kirk Fletcher is one of the best to ever do it, super humble and gifted the guitar playing speaks for itself

Steve Arvey says:

Another Great Job!

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