Jazz Phrasing Lesson Pt1 – Bass lesson with Scott Devine (L#28)


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In this tutorial I discuss ‘good and bad phrasing’ – what it is and how to practice it.


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blueroombass says:

You sound like you have a cold mate! Thanks for another great lesson. Peace x

Patrick McIntosh says:

Brilliant lesson. Thanks!

Mr StrangeCake says:

I really love the pre marketing scott.

Samuel Nankoo23 says:

Where can I find the backing track??

Rock Roller247 says:

I’ve started Playing bass guitar in a jazz band a couple of weeks ago I’m More of a lead rock guitarist I don’t do bass much but I found your videos & it helped my bass playing a whole lot .thank you

ronnie craft says:

all makes good since, and sounds great too !!

i.enjoi. yourself says:

That bass is pure sex

Dylan chillin' like a villain says:

the playing is above me, but the ideas are perfect.

Rudy Rutenber says:

Good for you Scott!  Someone has been doing a lot of sheddin'.

JOR_DA SAN says:

great pedagogue! thanx for sharing this mr d!

Jbird says:

Awesome as always, anyone know the scales and first song

Daniel Ju says:

i love you scott

Christian Cabrera Verdún says:

You can you Jeff Andrews bass solo style??

Angelo S says:

why you wearing handkerchief

Joseph Giglio says:

Where do you get the recorded background tracks from?

Sebastian Chaca says:

what scale hes using ??

David says:

Scott why do you put gloves on when you play?

Michael Sullivan says:

Listen to Ray Manzarek's solo on 'Riders on the Storm'. Lots of melodically simple ideas, but he keeps it interesting using rhythm and framing.

edbingey says:

I'm going to incorporate the talking whilst soling into my playing.

Andy Drudy says:

This guy is spot on!

Grampz stillkickin says:

Very good video. It reminds me of phrasing on a harmonica  same idea just a different way of gettin there.
Thank you Thank you

Matheus Vieira says:

Wow, I'm brazilian and I totally got it… my english is improving. Cool! 🙂

Thanks Mr. Devine, I subscribed to your channel. Your lesson was awesome.

Jude Rock says:

Good lesson, He should pick his ear before the video starts though 24 sec mark

MarioBass420 says:

Great lesson Scott if only i had the chance to be your student i would really be proud of myself …. if other bass players ask where i learned to play bass ill tell them "I'm a student from scotts bass lessons.com" thanks you so much for the advice Scott it really helped!

Mr. C says:

Scott!! Always giving great advice that can reach any level of musicians. I AGREE with the zombieland guy. If I could, I'd by you a pint. Thanks a lot! I always appreciate sound advice 

Marc-Olivier Ricard says:

What's with the gloves?
Thanks for the lesson.

MrHawkfick says:

Scott, you are a f****n' genius! Tommy went to the shop….tommy went to the shop…..tommy went to the shop. Brilliant, sir!

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