Jane's Addiction Mountain Song Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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Breaking down Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction on the electric guitar today. Check it out!

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Adison Dass says:

Marty love the tutorial please can you do November rain by guns and Rose's?

Stephen Davis says:

Anyone else think that the main riff to this sounds like a certain Fleetwood Mac song? 😎🎸🎸

That’sWeird says:

Jane’s had some infectious grooves. There was a great documentary at one point on the transition from glam/grit to alt/grunge that featured this album intro and “coming down the mountaaaaaaaaain” when it made the transition. Very cool moment. For me, I love music, so it’s all good. Thanks for continuing to be so great to the world, sir. Take care.

Josh Norko says:

Another awesome video. Thanks Marty!

Xyz_eflo says:

hey marty i have a question i’m new to guitar and i was wondering i have a schester pt electric guitar and a orange 35rt amp is that a good combo ? what amp goes well with a schetser pt guitar ? i would like anyones opinion too:)

The Okay Pot says:

If its possible could you please do a tutorial on Placeholder by The Story so Far

Rick Stack says:

Love this song!! Cool lesson, Marty!

Brian Wetrich says:

Awesome! Thank you! Appreciate all you do for us!

Dragon says:

At least for me, born in 2000, it feels so nostalgic listening to a song from Guitar hero 4 aka guitar hero world tour.

Jacob Mata says:

If possible could you please do somebody to love by queen

Mason Trueblood says:

YESSS! FIRST COMMENT!! WHOOHOOOO! (Posted an hour after this video was released lol)

TDK says:

Nice……. They were IT back in the day as far as I was concerned. ❤️

Chris Long says:

YES!!!!!! And THANK YOU!!!❤

Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy says:


Luciano a Barbosa says:

Thanks bro. Great lesson

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