Jam over 2 chords – play 2 scales by changing only 1 note. Mixolydian Guitar Lesson – EP480

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In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn a lead over a 2 chord jam using 2 mixolydian scales – switch between the 2 scales by changing 1 note.

To view the tab, and the MP3 jam tracks for this lesson, (with video), visit: https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/mixolydian-guitarlesson/


Joshua cumming says:

D mixo is the same as A Dorian. Got it.

Tbone says:

Really nice Brian.

Matthew McNamara says:

Thnks! Reminds me of Jerry Garcia Band — was listening to Kean College album recently so maybe that’s just first thing that came to mind.

Jason Pedley says:

Here's a good example: Check out Bill Boatman's solo on T-Bone Backwards with JJ Cale: https://youtu.be/oLdEZqdp7pk

Dale Gallant says:

Thanks for a great lesson Brian. They get better and better.

Scooby Doo says:

Great lesson. But why do my solos still sound so terrible? I know the pentatonic scales backwards and forwards. It always sounds horrible. This is a new scale that I need to learn.

Cory Williams says:

D is the 5th of A so that's a mixolydian and C is the A minor which is the Dorian so you can play the C scale ( A minor ) over A and the D scale (starting and stopping on A ) over the A and you have Dorian and Mixolydian. .. is that correct? But…isn't A Dorian A "G" scale pattern

Desert Fox says:

Very nice, thanks!

Ludomir Steinbrück says:

For reference look up how Jerry Garcia plays West LA Fadeaway (or Mr. Charlie) (or How Sweet It Is)

efranco37 says:

one of your very useful lessons/analyses.

David Barnett says:

Looking good Brian! Great lesson!

Adam Tucker says:

Lesson is legit!!!

Moment of Truth says:

I finally see the minor in the niner, haha trying to remember it

Norma Ward says:

Great transactions through the two chords! It's amazing how much you can get from just the A and the D9.

Ronnie says:

Thanks, Brian, great lesson. + A vid on scale patterns sounds like a good idea.

Rob Gray says:

Great lesson thanks Brian

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