It's that easy? 4 Simple minor lead guitar ideas to start using right away – Guitar Lesson EP487

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In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn 4 easy minor lead ideas using triads and scale patterns. Nothing technical in this one. At the end we’ll tie all of these concepts together into a single solo.

To view tablature for the solo & the scale patterns and download the MP3 jam track for this lesson, visit:

00:01 Simple minor triad guitar solo Intro
02:21 Playing out of the E Position (from CAGED)
03:07 Hearing the flat 7 and root interval
04:09 Slide the minor triad up 2 frets as an embellishment
07:30 Playing the flat 7 and root up an octave
07:56 A minor triad example from the C position (from CAGED)
08:32 Let your solo breathe! It’s ok to play nothing
09:24 A minor triad example from the A position (from CAGED)
10:30 3 note scale pattern (minor pentatonic scale)
12:12 4 note scale pattern (minor pentatonic scale)
13:06 Pull all of these concepts together into a minor guitar solo


Desert Fox says:

That was a nice little jam Brian! Thanks for sharing!

Rusty Spinner says:

I agree, this is the most affordable, productive lesson platform I’ve seen online. Over 480 full lessons and at least that many quikies. Do yourself a favor and subscribe

Yinch Tan says:

Having a live track while presenting ideas is refreshing and immediate, love it!

QBRX 2157 says:

So simple, so fun…thanks Brian. You're the best!

Rob Frasier says:

Brilliant! Awesomeness. This is really good stuff. Thank you sir!!!

Kesso says:

Thanks Brian, I have learnt and understood more in the last 3 weeks from you than I have over the last 3 years with everyone else.

martyn spooner says:

Another rut busting lesson full of little gem takeaways, thanks again Brian, simple but so effective.

Leemz Google says:

This is outstanding. I haven't touched my guitar in years and this makes me want to dust it off right now.

Kennard Yamada says:

#1, he does not do this for free. Brian is selling a subscription course, one to which I subscribe and one that is worth more than the $90 a year that he charges. #2, you should subscribe, you will find a wealth of valuable lessons and you’ll find it the best $90 a year that you spend. These YouTube videos are all only a part 1 of if a bigger lesson. Trust me, you will get a lot of value of what is the cost of three in person lessons from your local instructor.

Ambrose Harper says:

Great! 😊

Walt Smallwood says:

Love it Brian. Thanks!

Gene Picchiotti says:

Thanks again Brian,another great lesson that proves your never too old to learn!

ezcondition says:

haha, sliding into that first 3rd.. i lost attention and starting Edwarding it from there.

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