I’ll Still Be Loving You (Live) l Collaborations l Tommy Emmanuel, Pam Rose & Anthony Snape


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This song is part of the Tommy Emmanuel album and film ‘Live from the Balboa Theatre’. It was filmed live at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA in 2011. It’s written by Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Pat Bunch, and Todd Cerney.
Stream ‘Live from the Balboa Theatre’ here: https://tommyemmanuel.lnk.to/BalboaLiveID

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Rebecca Rebecca Rose DeFrancesco says:

Classic! Great job sister Pam, Tommy and Anthony…thank you!

chad revels says:

♥️ absolutely beautiful

Mick Victor says:

I saw them perform this song at Baylor University in Waco. Beautiful song beautifully done.

Skywolv says:

Eyes not dry for sure.

jb Yesterday says:

One of the most beautiful songs ever written & performed – soft acoustics & heavenly harmonies !

Uaea Funaki says:

Beautiful song😍

Kedar Nath Kay says:

I don't miss Tommy's uploads ..

Malu 2020 says:

Te amo Tommy¡¡¡

John Bowers says:

I think your fb page got hacked

Mr. Gerd Jack Daniel ́s says:



И кода флажолетами, слов нет 👏👏👏


Где Томми, там всегда высший пилотаж, БРАВО. 👏👏👏 ВСЕМ БРАВО 👏👏👏

Robert Michalscheck says:

Great song by Restless heart,someone’s slightly off on some chorus harmonies.

Jess Stensbirk says:

Good work listen this girl. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RDEMm9gcWHY19KkYwKGJ1LDwbQ

domenico sassu says:

a heart massage saluti from italy

Robert Dikes says:

Chilling performance! Outstanding!

Arthur L says:

This is great. Thanks for posting.

hoteisan1317 says:


Jens-Chr Strandos says:


Виталий Степанцов says:

Круто!! Такое сейчас редко услышишь!

จิรพงศ์ บุญปั้น says:

ผมรักดนตรี ที่คุณทุกคนถ่ายทอด ขอบคุณครับ

Chris Snelling says:


hidesertmusic says:

Awesome! A fabulous collaboration and wonderful song. Pam is wonderful. Thank you Tommy. You keep making my life better.

Sapele Steve says:

Amazing what two guitars & three harmonic voices can do! No band or orchestra necessary! What a wonderful performance! 👏👏👍👍

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