I have a brand new guitar!

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Michael Snyder says:

I 100% guarantee I could make it sound like a plastic kids guitar.

Phil Nicol says:

You have a new guitar ?

Jody Bressi says:

You're the best Tommy 🎸🙏🎸

edward maher says:

Maton is among best in the world

Braxton Nelson says:

Tommy is the consummate entertainer… plays the guitar like an extension of his soul. Saw him in concert a few years ago… just the best!

Than Jay says:

Tommy would make a hello kitty guitar sound good

Snarkapotamus says:

The guy most professional guitar players look up to…

Behnam Zadeh says:

Fans for ever from beginning of time. American pink Floyd Behnam

James C says:

They make lovely guitars

Jeffery Perkins says:

The depth is incredible and I bet it smells good too

Tejano37 says:

nice guitar but it has a buzz….trus-rod may need to be adjusted due to traveling for delivery.

Henry N says:

Best guitar salesman ever!!!

Marko Sarich says:

The sound has a healing property.

StopAndGetGas says:

Now I know how to pronounce the name, "Maton"!

Steve Stokes says:

At least he can play it.

Ted Hernandez says:

Play please or jus shhhhhh

Ambrosia Sax says:

See you November 28th!

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