How Yngwie *SHOULD* Have Explained Sweep Picking

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Close – how to play guitar fast without any slow practice (free video master class).


El Kuervo Juarez says:

Best explanation for this soul destroying technique that has evaded me for years . I will give this a go thank you

LiveToPlayGuitar says:

Another great lesson!

MUSIC NETWORK8 Channel 2U says:


Fabrizio Santin says:

So you do inside picking when you change direction on the 3 stringe sweeps. Do you know what Ingwe does? Too lazy to check now…

charles-david Corbin says:

That's really a Nice vidéo to upgrade sweep thanks Mike.
O btw is There a way to know if we have actually the level to starting sweeping. I try somes sweep after à couple days I was able to move in it at 60bpm but it never sound as clean as the theacher who show it. Well I know its hard to tell for sure but I mean I guess I need a clean tapping before starting sweep or maybe there a riff or a song that can really help to build the skills set for sweep.

Like for exemple I think master of puppet are perfect to practice downpicking. Or man in the box are perfect to practice vibrato.

mat sokol says:

Holy shit! WTF🤣 you sound like a saxophonist!

A Golcher says:

From 0 to 100 in 0scs. 🤘🏻

Mais Senat says:

Yngwie is better than you Mike!! You wouldn't sell an album in a million lifetimes…YNGWIE IS KING🔥

Satana el says:

This Lesson is Brilliant

Mad MIller says:

Nice video! Thanks for posting!

Chris Christon says:

Hi Mike, this is an amazing arpeggio.

Is it possible to get the tabs from here?

Synn Fusion says:

I've always felt that when many famous guitarists explain things, the explanation is so terrible that they're either complete idiots or just trying to be cryptic on purpose to make themselves seem like gods.

Adrian Monk says:

Thank you, Mike. Yngwie has one of the best picking technique in term of economy of motion. But he's also known as a bad 'teacher' haha he doesn't seem to care about his technique, or on his own words "If it sounds good it's good. I don't really know what I'm doing but I know what I want to hear".

Freedom Fighter says:

You tube knows I am was playing arpeggios today

Andrew Gillespie says:

Excellent clear analysis will give it a go 🙂

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