How to play Larry Carlton Room 335 Guitar Tutorial

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Learn how to play the main theme to Larry Carlton Room 335 Guitar on the guitar with this easy to follow guitar lesson from Andy Hillier.
Guitar tabs on the screen.
Link to my cover version

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Link for the guitar tabs

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Thanks Andy



Bryan Amaya says:

Can you please do a tutorial for “Hunger” by Harry Styles. It’s an unreleased song uploaded on YouTube! 🙏🏻

ltmnsjk says:

🖤Pls make a tutorial of new Yungnblud’s song “The emperor”!!!🖤

gabriel zaman says:

i still wish for that day when i will see something from Zhu

天命を全うするネアンデルタール人 says:

May I request you ?
I want to play Collision of worlds by Robbie Williams !!

AngelCamposVasquez / says:

more of low roar please

Rajesh Gumber says:

Thanks Andy, doesn't mention what key this is in but looks like D or A Major? Thanks

Gery Sasko says:

Great lesson. PRS just doesn’t ever make me want to sell my 335 for one though 😉

Manny Baller Vlogs says:

I’m def first and I love your videos and my favorite is twine flames by mgk and thank you so much for helping me learn

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