How to Play "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins | Guitar Lesson


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In this guitar lesson I’ll show you how to play “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins. Enjoy!

Had to do a Pumpkins lesson for Halloween!
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Charlie L says:

Woo hoo!! Thanks man!! I'm currently listening to their catalogue! Love the pumpkins

Slinky_Malinki says:

Don't think I can get that fuzzy distortion on my old line 6 amp lol. Classic song, first heard it when I was a little kid. Guess I can turn the gain and drive way up and add some reverb or something.

Jubei Kibagami says:

yes i love this song so much.

Jason Price says:

Relatively easy but one of the most brooding riffs also. Start of this song always eats my soul.

D Walks says:

Awesome tones and guitar. Accurate as always. Love it 🤘

Emrah U says:

Billie C and Big Muff OpAmp. .my fav duo

Hoff9000 says:

You're a great teacher and pick all the songs I've always wanted to play (and accurately aa well)

White Rhino says:

It’s for me too! Thanks man. Another reason to unbox my Crimson. Standard tuning is awesome.

San S says:

One of my all time faves and you just play it amazingly (as always)

DeeDra says:

Man you're the best. You've helped me learn sooo many songs. Even if I'm not playing them super well yet haha. Your teaching is very comprehensive and I can actually see what you're playing on the fretboard. Cheers from Chicago 🤘🏽

Steve Crabsby says:

Thank you for this!!! Keep teaching awesome stuff!!

Jack Hernández says:

Awesome as always!

Dennis Burge says:

Brilliant. Can’t wait

DeluX says:

отлично, неплохо, легко, идеально, превосходно, удачно, славно, широко, отменно, добротно, красиво, замечательно, мило, достаточно, чудесно, охотно, нарядно, изумительно,

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