How To Increase Speed And Strength On Guitar ( From Beginners To Advanced Players )

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Hello guy
many of you keep asking me how can we increase the speed and strength of our fingers
Because after sometime our fingers start to hurt and eventually speed decreases
This is a problem all the guitarist face at some point or another

So today we will learn an amazing exercise which will improve your speed and strength and will also increase the flexibility of your fingers

Do this for atleast 5 min and I guarantee you that it will help you
(If not you can unsubscribe )

Sorry for the average audio quality
My guitar interface is not working properly so I had to record directly via camera
I have ordered a new one but due to this lockdown situation it will take time to arrive , But we cannot stop learning!!

For any queries Dm me on Instagram

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Riddhi Jiotode says:

Thankx sir ♥️♥️😍 apke karn hum sikh rahe h

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