How to build speed and accuracy on the bass (Pt1) – Lesson with Scott Devine (L#47)


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In this bass lesson I show you an amazing exercise to help you start ‘seeing’ where all the available chord tones are on the bass neck. This will help you to create your own bass lines and help you with soloing and visualization of harmony on the neck.


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neggit says:

could this be done with only the thumb?

Berke Demirel says:

watch it on x1.25 speed

Pizzi Gaming says:

hey scott, how about three fingers plucking?

Daxel says:

Hi mr. Devine, I've been playing for 4 months, I'm really confused. Do I need to put my non-playing fingers back the "down" finger, pressing the string down everytime? Let's say I were to do a c note with my pinkie on a scale, do my other fingers need to stay back pressing the string?
Would it help somehow building up speed or it's just something I ought not do?
Thanks a lot for the lessons, you're amazing!

TheRedfire555 says:

Nice video. I primarily use a pick but want to get good at using fingers as well. So far, it's very hard for me to play fast with my fingers.

Nacho says:

Great exercise!! I've been playing for 6 months now and wish I had found this vid earlier.

WF says:

3.44 something is flying outside the window, looks like white clothes

Herr Worthstrom says:


YoYoGuy951 says:

Hey Scott. I just started playing bass a month ago and I've been slaving away at practicing technique. And I have been trying to play with 3 fingers with my RH. And I just don't see other bass players doing that. Is it a bad thing? Should I just practice 2 fingers? I mean theoretically I feel it is only a plus having another finger? Right?

1bluegrassbass says:

What an absolutely great lesson! I have been playing bass and other instruments for over 20 + years, I have always had a problem with speed. I have tried all the more traditional methods, really slow, metronome, just play fast, and while these methods have helped, I still had problems with fast passages, YYZ has alway been my downfall , among others, I could never figure out if it was my left hand or right! I have worked with this exercise for just a short time, and I cant believe it worked almost instantly! I know that may seem impossible, but I am guessing I had the speed for a while I just wasn't connecting the right and left hands properly! 
Great Lesson!!! I am playing YYZ at tonights show !!!

Janice Chiaretto says:

Will u marry me? No… ok … you're still the best bass instructor out there.  U give me hope!  Happy New Year!

ChickenTM says:

Scott, Could you please answer this. Does the position of the right hand (how it rests on the bass) affects the speed of it? thank you beforehand!

Bobbie Handter says:

biaso bae jokk

Mike Bisutti says:

Scott, you're a natural born teacher. Thanks for your nuts and bolts approach to teaching speed bass with very clear and achievable short range goals..

Rony Ghosh says:

good lesson..I'm going start practicing this today!

Charles Blaisdell says:

or you could just camp out with some Duck Dunn and Jack Bruce cd's

Jef VDA says:

Use your ears! Trial and error!

hannesjvv says:

Sorry, but this is not a beginner lesson. If he also did a slow-mo close-up of how to play the C-major scale in /this/ lesson, he'd just be wasting everyone's time.

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