House of the Rising Sun – Tommy Emmanuel (With Tab) | Watch and Learn Travis Picking Guitar Lesson


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This arrangement is made up of my favourite parts from various live performances by Tommy Emmanuel, which I pieced together and modified. It’s a fun tune to play once fully learned.. and is also a definite crowd pleaser!

I’d like to give a big thank you to Sean L, a long time supporter of this channel for requesting this one. Have fun and best of luck with it my friend 🙂

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sland67 says:

Great lesson! I wanted to learn this one for while. Can’t wait to get started. Best lesson on YouTube.

Michael T. says:

Hey Camilo, what thumb pick are you using?

Paul Power says:

Fantastic 👍

Phil Andrews says:

Great rendition Camilo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Илья Сараев says:

Просто потрясающе!!! Большое спасибо за урок!

tookamooka says:

Thank you for your dedication to making amazing videos and tabs. I learn so much from you.🐓

John Simmons says:

I love it! Thank you!

zakaria bachri says:


Chiel Ichiel says:

Thanks again!! Very nice this one!

ExtraCheeseProject says:

Back with another unique spin on a classic, very good!

Dovyskibo says:

This is the best tutorial 😍😍😍

Luc Herroelen says:


tritus1 says:

Thank you sir 😊

halfE halfA says:

Great! Thanks a lot!

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