Hallowed Be Thy Name Guitar Lesson – Iron Maiden

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In this Hallowed Be Thy Name guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Iron Maiden classic note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning.

We start the lesson off with the clean guitar intro that uses 10th diads on the A and B strings. The diads move around pretty quickly and you will need to use basic fingerpicking technique as well.

From there we have a quick harmony guitar section that leads into one of the many rapid fire single note riffs you will find throughout “Hallowed By Thy Name”.

The verse sections are relatively simple and based around easy power chords.

Later in the song, you will see more of those fast picking riffs. They might sound similar, but there are some variations thrown in there, so make sure you pay attention to all the sections that I cover in the lesson.

I will also go through both guitar solo sections. As with most Iron Maiden songs, there will be a lot of cool licks to dive into here, using lots of legato, fast picking and HUGE bends.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this Iron Maiden masterpiece! #hallowedbethynameguitarlesson #ironmaiden #guitarcovers



John Menna says:

I had watched a few minutes of your previous videos, but I watched this one to completion and subscribed immediately! Up the Irons. Great metal sound out of that 3 strat pickup/ amp as well

Joe Blough says:

awesome luv this song thanks Carl

Icon Canada says:

amazing song im excited to dig into this

Jon Shaw says:

This a brilliant guitar workout, how the Internet contributes to learning guitar and playing your favourite songs. Hard to imagine what it was like years ago with just tab books. Excellent lesson Carl and a lot of work and effort on your behalf.

Hola says:

You think you share the strumming pattern on fast tempo part before solo comes in

bluenight64 says:

I stopped playing guitar for almost 15 years but when I see your video I started playing again. You are a great teacher. Thank Sir. Love from India

Gary Wilson says:

Thank you! I've never been able to correctly get that riff at 8:30 and you've broke it down really well and I'm finally getting the hang of it so, thank you so much! Keep up the great content! Subscribed!

pdglock19 says:

Oh my goodness I can't wait to start this Carl. You are the man! I can play Silent Lucidity because of you. Thank you so much.

Majid Slyteen says:

Finally something helpful.. God Bless you man ❤️ Rock On

Eddiebrock147 says:

Phantom of the opera?

Orion Rahman says:

You uploaded the best metal song lesson this late! I was waiting for it like forever! Thank You! Love from Bangladesh! <3

Steven The says:

U da man…! 💥💥💥

Thomas Williams says:

Am I right in saying most of the lead looks like it is in G major but the harmony uses a slightly different key?

Mark Winkle says:

Thank you so much for your accurate transcription of this song! I'm an accomplished guitarist of many years but still have problems picking out melodic riffs that go by at 100 miles an hour. Thanks!

Jamison C says:

1:10 intro
4:14 rhythm under intro
4:55 chord progression
6:30 low harmony
7:29 high harmony
8:30 fast-picking
12:15 fast-pick transition
12:46 2nd verse
15:03 rhythm
16:13 Adrian harmony
18:05 Dave harmony
22:00 third verse
23:17 da de da da da
24:55 faster picking
26:37 rhythm (before solo)
28:34 rhythm (after solo)
31:02 harmony picking
32:42 outro chorus
34:08 1st solo
38:43 2nd solo
43:46 final solo lick

Jesus Christ Carl

zenmaster says:

Very nice lesson and a nice song.

SnowDrop says:

Very good 🙂 keep it 🙂

CC says:

Thank you SOOOO MUCH for posting this. This is one I have ALWAYS wanted to learn but needed some help working out all the parts. I can't thank you enough!! I would also love to see a lesson on Back In The Village from the Powerslave album or Where Eagles Dare from the Piece of Mind album. Thanks again!!

The Bad Agnostic says:

i have been waiting for this . great lesson .

Giorgos Tsompanidis says:

I have learned so many songs and techniques from you, through your thoroughly explained videos!! You really have helped me improve as a player! Bless you Mr. Carl, keep up the excellent work!!

Chainz5 says:

LoveGun by KISS please

HHIDave says:

Good one! Thank you Carl. As always, I have to ask for more Judas Priest, more Scorpions please. 🙂

DishEtti says:

I've been wanting to play this one for too long! Thanks Carl!

Bibek Bishwokarma says:

Great !!
Now, please do Megadeth's sweating bullets

Harry Grieves says:

My favourite track ever!

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