Halfway Home (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial

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Let’s take a very detailed look at Halfway Home, an uptempo thumbpicking song by Tommy Emmanuel. The verse of this song features some very wide stretches that will cause difficulties for quite a lot of people (especially those with a bit smaller hands). In this video I will show you a way around this with a few alternatives fingerings. Grab your guitar and let’s get to work!

Tab/notation file:

Patreon (tabs/notation, early access, backing tracks, …):

Guitar used: Mayson MS7/S, Drop D Tuning
Recording: a single Neumann 184 through an Apogee Quartet
More info on www.timvanroy.be

0:00 Introduction
1:13 Intro
3:30 Verse
14:53 Chorus
20:27 Verse 2 (repeat)
21:19 Chorus 2 (repeat)
22:30 Bridge
29:39 Verse 3 (repeat)
31:15 Chorus 3 (repeat)
31:39 Bridge (repeat)
32:03 Verse 4
32:38 Chorus 4 (with ending)



ted ponsonby says:

thanks to you very much,, great lesson..

Adam ___ says:

Hi Tim,
I'd love to purchase the tablature for this one but I can't find it on music notes, is it not available yet?

Tim Weber says:

thx a lot , very good explained and showed! Helps a lot to get into new songs!

Johann Selewa says:

I learned this song PAINSTAKINGLY last year from trying to puzzle together youtube clips of Tommy's performances, slowing the videos down, watching his exact fingerings, and things like that. I'm not sure I play it the way it should be played, partly because he plays it slightly differently each time it seems. This song murders the right hand, a metronome is crucial, but it is great exercise for both hands and a wonderful song, one of my very favourite songs to play. Thanks for this video! For the record, I have really annoyingly small un-guitar-suitable hands and fingers, and with this song I'm on on the very edge of my ability (literally). I don't think I've done bigger stretches in a song than on this one.

you zuo says:

Thank you ! whats your string action? Like Low E on 12 fret ?

masQacordes says:

You have my like, thanks for share Tim

Kevin Riccy says:

I have been waiting for as long as I possibly could until you released this….. thank u for releasing it now… I will enjoy learning this.

Ben's Guitar Sessions says:

Hey TIm – thanks for this one – i'll get started on it today!! Are you using dunlop large thumb picks? I find that the large are a bit too tight and the extra large are too loose.

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