Haba Na Haba (Live from the Balboa Theatre) l Collaborations l Tommy Emmanuel & Friends

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This song is part of the Tommy Emmanuel album and film ‘Live from the Balboa Theatre’. It was filmed live at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA in 2011. The song features special guests Pam Rose, Anthony Snape, and Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo.
Stream ‘Live from the Balboa Theatre’ here: https://tommyemmanuel.lnk.to/BalboaLiveID

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Tácio Cabral says:

Hoo, I love this!

Роман Григорьев says:

Thanks soooo mmm

Adam Kubiak says:

Lovely performance. The Lady’s voice is simply heavenly.

Kwok Funny says:

I like this song

David Patrick says:

Beautiful … I'd not heard all the lyrics before ……….. almost sounds biblical

Bonnie Schippling says:

Oh yes. No words to describe exactly how moving this was. Thank you.

masQacordes says:

Thank you Tommy for give us your music, you are a inspiration for me.
Greetings from Spain

ItsJindo says:

Tommy is a living legend

Louis A says:

Lovely! I saw Tommy many years ago playing with Anthony Snape. Whatever happened to Anthony?

Chris Snelling says:


Pete Wing Nut says:

That lead vocal….mmm

Bill Clement says:

One of my favorites!

Sapele Steve says:

Great performance of an awesome song! 👏👏👍👍🎸🎸🎤🎤👍👍👏👏

Johannes Napp says:

This brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Tommy! Much love from Germany 💚

Malu 2020 says:

Me encanta esta versión ¡¡ Tommy te amo ¡¡

Галина Сердолик says:

Cool!!! Bravo!!!

Glenn Van Dusen says:

Wow! I just love this arrangement with the vocals!

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