Guitar Tricks Review (Pros, Cons, Inside Members Area + More)

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Complete Written Review of Guitar Tricks –

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Guitar Tricks is a premium online guitar lessons platform that has 11,000+ video lessons for beginner and experienced guitarists alike. But is it worth the subscription price? In this complete Guitar Tricks review we’ll get into the good, the bad, what’s included in a membership plus we’ll dive into who it’s good for and who shouldn’t use it. If you’ve been thinking about trying Guitar Tricks, this video review will help you make the decision that’s best for you.

We also have a complete written companion Guitar Tricks review that compliments this video and goes into a lot more detail – including numbered rankings, course overview, pros, cons, tips and resources to help you level up your guitar game. It’s the first link in this description box, above.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Quick Review
01:01 – Overview of Guitar Tricks
01:35 – Review Criteria + Impressions
05:02 – Who It’s Best For / Not For
05:46 – What’s Included in Membership
07:42 – Inside the Member’s Area
12:30 – The Good and Bad vs Competitors
14:38 – Overall Recommendation
15:29 – Wrap Up + Outro

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