Guitar Solo 37 – Room 335 – Larry Carlton – Tutorial


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Gear Used:
Gibson 1995 les Paul Classic
Boss GT8 into Mackie Onyx 1220i mixing desk
Recorded in Logic X
Panasonic HC-V110 HD Camcorder

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SuperMaxbilly says:

Thanks so much, beautiful lesson……


.this the best detailed breakdown I’ve seen of this solo.Thank you and very well done.

Giuseppe-Backing tracks parri says:

great tone ,touch,technique and best teacher! thank you man is very hard but i try

Mikael Lyssarides says:

Great work,as always, Dave. Pity to see some moron give a thumbs down.

mraggrovator says:

You sure can play very versatile in your styles as well.

Oldskool Funk says:

Great video. The LP is beautiful and sounds great. Larry Carlton music is what turned me on to 335's and here you are doing this tutorial. I have an Epiphone Dot 335 that I enjoy but seeing you playing this on a Paul makes me want another one now… lol

MisterTracks says:

I enjoyed the video! Keep it up!

glassslide says:

That was awesome!!

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