#guitar exercise with 6 finger tapping

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Sergio Andrade says:

people try learn 2many thingz at once.
or play super fast.
Boston Tom Sholz got it right. quality not quantity.
Buckethead re invents a new song every day.
its like designing a new car evry year.
Honda stuck with civic 25 years. the 1991 civic vx was best car ever bult. they would improve SAME design every 3 4 years.
Tom Sholz worked on 1song one same RECORDING 7 years.
did thsong stick? more then a feeling. u bet.

We are Yahwehs elite warriours &we are lifting thviel. Eventually u may well begin believe what we reveal it takes time.

    Yahweh doesnt tell us everything its not our place 2know.  If Bucket is real.  Personally, i think Bucket is one of threal ones &told him that, by that i mean he was human. And genuinely talented. But  satan comes in, seduces them &puts phony talent in their heads &fingers.

 They lose connection with GENUINE SKILLS. 

  Thats why later BOSTON albums were garbage.

    Satan CAN make YOU play a Buckethead song 2morrow just by downloading it in2 your head. 

      When i was in Kansas City 2002 I was invited 2see a garage band. Everybody left & I stayed in thbasement &played th guitar. When they got back they freaked out &ran downstairs 2c who was playing.  I told them i was worlds best guitarist 1988 as a beginner.

    So we went upstairs I explained to them how I became best how simple it was the guitarist hung on every word listened in hypnotic awe as I played some tapes of me 1987 &taught him how to APPROACH the guitar in a whole new dffrnt way. 

   I told this band FORGET about trying be famous. Those are phony computer programs. 

   And thband cpmpletely dissolved. They got it. 

    Satan only allows PHONY DOWNLOADS. He FROWNS on genuine skills.


   In 2009 i heard that guitarist play &it was incredible. I had SET HIM FREE FROM SATAN. 

   In 2010 he gave me his guitar &amp &hasnt played since. Satan worried I would play again and during that time Satan was standing up a 9 year old avatar named Jasmine Star who lived near me &we were supposed 2form a band. 

    Couple years ago I began explaining all this 2Jasmine &she cmpletely quit loading videos. 

     Jasmine is another human who is, was,  talented but satan lures them out of whats real & in2 his phony bllsht computer and downlods sht in their brain. Jasmine is saying here, "i see notes in my head."

   Thats bcuz they are downloads. 

Yahweh directs me 2speak 2these people bcuz these are phony programs they are under. These are computer programs and the artists dont write the songz or have any talent whatsoever &dont understand HOW 2have talent. 

    Satan downloads their songz in their fingers in 1day if thwy sell they soul to him. 

    So i help these stars get OUT.

   People dont have a clue about all this. People think its real. You think those are humans humping Brian. They arent.

 I could give u huge list of stars That were my subscribers. Who left the bullsht industry.   Stevie Ryan, one of my subscribers you tube, she  believed me about these phony programs. 

    Satan started beating her up &torturing her. Then he  strangled her with a rope. This is the story here:


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