Guitar Boogie & Working Man Blues (Live) l Collaborations l Tommy Emmanuel with Billy Strings

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This is from Tommy Emmanuel’s set from The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in upstate New York. It was on July 20, 2020. He plays Guitar Boogie & Working Man Blues with Billy Strings. Make sure you follow Billy Strings, and go the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival!

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Tim McCormick says:

I prayed you two would get together and play. My Favorites

Malcolm Van Atta says:

Absolutely stunning!

10PM says:

Nice – Tommy even squeezed a 'forbidden' riff in at the end 🤣

Francomuzzi Fox says:

♥♥ ♪ orgasmic duet! ♪ you will never tire of listening ♪ to them and watching them! ♪ THNKS! ♥♥

Fireball XL-5 says:

Not only wonderful to hear but wonderful to watch and to play with the great Tommy Emmanuel! What a joy!

Andy Traiger says:

That's the worst cover of 'Working Man' ever. Alex Lifeson would not approve.

Matthias Pohle says:

wow …. what a sound

Juan Espinosa says:

These guys are amazing ! Bravo!! 👏 I love this style of guitar picking.Love this video,thanks for posting it.

GM D says:

suenan una cosita

Juan Borta says:


Dariusz Kwietniewski says:

at this tempo ? ….shame

Matthias Hartmann says:

Außerirdisch und sensationell.

Blessed MWS Mom says:

I’m listening to this on the 1 year anniversary of my Grandpas passing. He loved Billy Strings! I’m going to make sure I play some Billy Strings every July 3rd!

Al Ementary says:

Billy really looking like he gives hugs to strangers at bus stops when he's playing, but damn, is he an absolute hoss on the frets.

Colsoloact1963 says:

Ive been playing guitar some 40 plus years and that kid makes me feel like I'm only a starter! LOL!

Music Freak says:

Btw: inspire is the wrong word. What you mean is you have been put off…inspire always means to be impressed for action.

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