Guitar Boogie – Tommy Emmanuel (cover)


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It had to happen, there was no way around it… But tackling Tommy’s version of Guitar Boogie was a daunting task. The result is a 10-part lesson, and in this cover I’m showing you what it will sound like if you complete the full lesson!

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Guitar used:
Martin J-40, standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Tutorial Part 1 (Soon on Youtube)
0:10 Tutorial Part 2 (Soon on Youtube)
0:26 Tutorial Part 3 – 10 (Only on Patreon)



Bill Hood says:

This is so amazing! It took me many hours to learn "Drive Time" but this one will probably take 3 times as long! Thanks for the excellent inspiration!

CJ Smith says:

I’ve seen Tommy 3 times. He has performed this tune. Don’t discount yourself. I think you’d give him a run for his money. I see Magnus Carlsen emulating Bobby Fischer.

Meester Dennis' Muziek says:

Tim wat maak je me (ons) toch telkens weer blij met je video's! Ik neem mijn pet wederom diep voor je af. Top! After looking this video I love to "get to work" as Tommy would say. Thanks Tim!

Pavel Sadowsky says:

Great work! 👍 Next level: keep Tommy‘s relaxed smile throughout the whole piece 😉

jean bedard says:

Good on you Tim!!

Alfonso Apicella says:

Ammazza e come spinge!
Saluti dall'Italia😄🇮🇹

Paul_Noah_K_S says:

Love it! 🙂 Well done!

Denzani MA says:

You are awesome Tim, please do 'how great thou art' by Doyle Dykes.. i know it'll be difficult 😃

Arnold Rutjens says:


Chris Lombardi says:

Excellent Tim!! Love your channel brother!!

MrSavedby Grace says:

Well done! I didn't think a normal human could get close to Tommy's version

DC-Friends says:

TVR … you are an amazing talent … and your channel is "TOP SHELF" … always looking forward to your videos!! …

SBS says:

Hi Tim, would you please do Alip ba ta " Juli 97 "cover?

Axl Fingerstyle says:

Nice one dude, c'mon guys if u want learn guitar, i have some tutorial and guitar cover

Максим Азаров says:

Finally , I've been waiting for this 4 no 5 thousand years!!!

zakaria bachri says:


Glenn Kristiansen says:

Wery god ☺

Miatovich says:

U were so focused on not making a mistake it sounded more technical than musical just my opinion but brilliant playing Tim

Art Music says:

Thanks very much

宇宙にポイ says:


Ritiene Niels says:

Great one Tim
but if you have issues about playing it in one take it is better not to involve with it…

MrPekosos says:


sasa says:

Tim you are awesome! Great Song Great Cover! When the Best Cover the Best! Cheers!

boatfloat123 says:

Been trying to learn this song for months!! You always have the best timing with these

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