Guitar Boogie (Live from the Balboa Theatre) l Tommy Emmanuel

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This song is part of the Tommy Emmanuel album and film ‘Live from the Balboa Theatre’. It was filmed live at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA in 2011.
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Magic guitar says:

Thank you for the masterly performance of each piece !!! There are no limits to perfection !!!

Artyom Ivanov says:

Video quality is disappointing. 720p feels more like DVD

Василий Яранцев says:

Tommy! How you do that???

1 Piece of Nugget says:

This is god level..

lotnik1976 says:

God bless Tommy E – He brings joy during these dark times… I would vote to replace officially word virtuosity with emanuelosity 😀 – one and only!!!

john mclellan says:

There is and l might add there never has been anyone with the talent of this man….FULLSTOP!!! PERIOD!!!

rodney watson says:

one of God's gifts , thank you Tommy

ilkka walmirt says:

I think i can play this!

ÆIMC Internetional says:

I'm one of the lucky few who played with him on stage before he realised he only needs himself in front of audiences.

Chris Thacker says:

Absolutely unreal!!

James Little says:

Keep the feckin camera still and directed at his playing. Bleddy hell, grinds my gears! I also have no care whatsoever of what anyone in the crowd is doing.

Mario van Eeren Solo Guitar says:

Great love it!! 😃🥳🎸

Paul Over says:

He just plays that at the start of the night to see if his guitar is in tune!

nezkeys79 says:

The best type of "jazz".

Not just 2 5 1 s for the harmony

Gerd Hartig says:

Tommy versteht es,das Publikum über seine Technik hinaus, Mitzunehmen – fantastisch

Tim Baka says:

Not only does he have the skills, I don't think I have EVER seen a performer who so thoroughly enjoys performing for people – be in sixteen people at a barbeque or 5,000 at a concert venue. Amazing!

Vanlife /The Travelin Frank Show says:

Plays it differently every time and every time it is beyond amazing! I do like how the simplest parts get the crowd going.

forrest electra says:

One of the best and talented players I’ve ever witnessed!

Virgilio Albarese says:

I really don´t think this can be played any more impressive………hats down

Virgilio Albarese says:

nice Kalamazoo guitar you have – and it sounds well

LastResortRick says:

Played Bert Weedons’ version only last week. Good old Bert.

Mike Simmons says:

Fantastic performance Tommy!

Nik Gnashers says:

Christ, that was outstanding.

Игорь Роскин says:

Как всегда – супер!!! Высший класс!!!

Alastair Warren says:

Tommy, if I could dream a dream that would be everything… and you played that dream!

Eddie Mautone says:


Eddie Mautone says:

You folks want to hear a guitar player listen to FRANK VIRTUE OF THE VIRTUES GUITAR BOOGIE SHUFFLE FROM NEW YORK

Alan Done says:

Freakin ada !

Spencerianism says:

Still smokin those guitars, ha Tommy!?

ᄋᄋ says:

If you like this look up Scotty Anderson – boog's boogie I highly recommend it

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