Guitar Basics LIVE session | Guitar Free Course Online |18th July Class | The Acoustic Baniya

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Guitar Basics LIVE session | Guitar Free Course Online |18th July Class | The Acoustic Baniya
Hey there everyone! So I’m bringing out a Learn guitar series where I’ll be teaching you guys live!! That How to become a
Beginner to Intermediate Guitar Player
or How to be a
Intermediate to pro!

0:00 Start
2:20 Tuning your Guitar
3:18 About Guitar
9:00 Exercises for Beginners
15:00 Baat Cheet/ Tempo,Strumming & Singing
18:45 Ek Haseena Thi Leads/Tabs
26:00 Thoda sa muft Gyaan
29:30 Creating Strumming
32:00 Q&A
41:00 Plans for upcoming sessions.

So I’m selling out my LIVE course and this is one of the recordings of the free session I conducted for extreme Beginners!

To register for the session you can just check the brochure at the end of the video.
Or here is the syllabus:
The course will be having 4 classes in the whole month. One class per Week!

The course is divided into two plans:

1) Beginner to Intermediate:
* Basic Exercises
* Some Guitar Tabs
* Easy Chord Plan
* Guitar Theory
* Transposing Chords

2) Intermediate to Expert:

* Barred Chords
* Finding Chords
* Mashup Making
* Common Patterns 
* Transposing Chords

Fill the google form to register:

Do get in touch with me at:
Email :
Whatsapp : 7011990404 ( only whatsapp no calls)

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pearl_of__ joy says:

Why you elimitated all the answers of que asked by people? 😢….if u dont mind plz… Add those! 😥

Sarika says:

Aap kb live aate ho yrr

Akshat Kumar says:

Thank you sir😊😊😊😊😊. Sir guitar play karte time rock moves kse karte h jse headbang, jump, playing in feel etc. Jab moves jata hu guitar play nhi ho pata. Aur jab guitar play karne jao to moves nhi ho pata. Plz solve this problem. PLZ REPLY SIR 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

george bailey says:

Good teacher

Sunita Gupta says:

Bhaiya plzz mereliye aap did mere by local train bajaiye na. Plzz. I am Aditya Gupta

Bhawna Yadav says:

thankyouuuu so muchhhh for thissss !!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️🧿

My Chords My Life says:

I Joined it and it was awesome……
Thank u sir

Surinder Singh says:

Very good info brother thanks❤❤😊


I want to join

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