Get FASTER Fingers In 1 WEEK – #1 Finger Exercise for Guitar

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The BEST Finger Exercise for Guitar ✅ Grab Lauren’s Beginner Course: – When it comes to finger exercises for guitar, most people think of the typical spider exercise, but I’m going to show you a SPECIAL exercise that focus on the real problems – your tendons and tension. I GUARANTEE that if you do this exercise for only 1 week, you will see much faster chord changes and scales. But you do not want to overdo this exercise. A little goes a long way. Watch the video to hear my practice recommendations.

Finger Exercises For Guitar Chapters: ⏱

0:00 – How to get your fingers faster?
0:55 – WHY this exercise works so well
1:53 – The Exercise Explained
4:49 – The Problem Finger (Finger #3)
5:46 – WARNING: Exercise Disclaimer
6:12 – Practice Recommendations
7:10 – What To Do Next

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Thank you for watching my finger exercises for guitar lesson video.

Lauren 🙂

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Lauren Bateman says:

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John Guzman says:

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for all this information. I've been slowly picking up the guitar slowly. I do hesitate because I have a hand injury that made my pinky unusable. do you have any advice or tools on how to just use my 3 working fingers?

marcus comber says:

Hi Lauren great video just gonna try to start this exercise

Rick Malone says:

This is an awesome lesson. I asked a question about speed during your recent live video and this adds to the answer you gave me back then. You’re instructions are clear, useful and easy to understand. Thank you for what you do. 😊

skoffco says:

At 65, for me it’s not a function of faster fingers it’s a function of faster thinking lol.

Gary Macher says:

Lauren you are inspiring and I already feel I am learning by just watching you. Doing this to help!

Coach Emup says:

67 y/o here. This exercise is great. Thank you Lauren for this! Very helpful. In fact I appreciate your lesson aimed at older players. Don't know that anyone else is helping older folks like this.

Diana Santiago says:


Diana Santiago says:

👍 Good advise,thanks

srdeva nanda says:

Grade tips Lauren iam learning your lessons ❤️👍
From Sri Lanka


Lauren you are wonderful! Don't you have wasap group??

WildAlbaLass says:

Great stuff, many thanks.

snow lancer says:

Oh my o my that is so dynamic Lauren, it gets every nerve and tendon sparked after about 3 reps. I see results after five minutes. I have to air box after doing this and my fingers need to move about 40 times, its sort of like isometric reaction that lingers for me in my entire CNS.

Smokeeater says:

Lauren, will this exercise help me, a 70 y/o “guitarist”, with developing the stretch of my pinky finger for reaching the 8th fret?

Camille Butts says:

Hi Lauren. Thanks for this exercise. It's helping me limber up my crooked ring and pinky fingers broken and poorly healed when I was 19 (I'm 65 now).
Once I get the strumming patterns down, I'll be golden!

alexvokey says:

Ok Lauren, where to begin. I like classic country, just looking to play along with my buddies.
Simple strum and not too fast. I can strum the dddud it’s when I try to match it to the lyrics i really mess up

Jeramie Dutcher says:

I realized I barred my first finger unconsciously when I tried the others. When I did my third finger, I couldn't keep my second finger pressing the string and I really needed to focus just to do the third finger movement at all. I have a TON of practice switching chords. I have confidence with fast chord changes, but couldn't do this exercise. Thank you for all the tips. I get my spider practice trying to improve playing the solos in the songs I love. Santeria from Sublime has my favorite and fastest spider movements in its solo.

BounderGuy - says:

Well that was interesting. Not sure if everyone is getting the “winner” notification from @ Lauren Batamen. Watch out!

Tall D33 says:


Phil the destroyer says:

I'm an England boxing coach and I teach my students to relax there shoulders and breath properly when throwing punches

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