Gdansk – Tall Fiddler (Live) l Tommy Emmanuel

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This video is from Tommy Emmanuel’s live stream concert on August 29, 2020. It was recorded at Tunesmith Studio outside of Nashville, TN.

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Tasman says:

I really wanna see some prank videos. Disguise Tommy & hit a few guitar stores!

Nose Dive says:

Anyone want to buy my guitars? I'm not worthy….

ayieu medom says:

You have gifted hairs too. Wish you a long life sir.

Nose Dive says:

Thanks Tommy…as my guitar gently weeps😭

Alexey Romanov says:

It seems to me that Tommy sets himself a dislike, I just don't understand how you can not like his music and not admire the technique of Tommy! First like then view. 😀👏

Sunny Gurung says:

Douseldorf, Gdańsk…hello sir Tommy Emmanuel, can we have one of your lovely music for Canadian city please?

Pasquale Malescio says:

This is my song

Jovan Rey says:

Those hands were actually made for guitars.

Edit : Thank You for the thousands likes!

shashilight says:

Just amazing and full of joy! ❤💙💜

Andy Chapman says:

On ya Tommy! Quick draw!

Dani Moreno Roselló says:

Guauuuu. I love you Tommy. You are the best and a beast. It's wonderful listen you and see your technique, your rithm and your vitality. I wish see you for Spain soon. Meanwhile, best wishes and health for you

Midnight Austin says:

my Guitar hero

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