FULL VIDEO: John Mayer on the PRS J-MOD 100 Amp

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Buy PRS J-MOD 100: http://bit.ly/2LvAqDn

Being one of the very few dealers to be invited to the private John Mayer PRS J-Mod 100 amp head event before the press conference, we thought it’d only be fair to share what we saw with the world! We’ve ordered as many of these stunning amps as we can get from the 25 to be dealt to Europe.

More info: http://bit.ly/2Ff7sQA

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김낙석 says:

Hey jhon give me your leather jacket .im naked . Because my room burned

Charles Ortiz says:

Love it !!!

winslow wong says:

Instead of standing there awkwardly, prs should have started singing

D RolyPolyMan says:

Ah, JM! My favorite crazy Genius guitar 🎸 player! Like him or not he is a phenomenal guitar player! A very talented guy!. His biggest problem is he can’t shut off his brain and relax. I bet when he lies down to go to sleep that his mind races at night. Meditation could possibly help him. I hope he tries it.

Dead poolz says:

I need that guitar

Lachlan Ford says:

Paul's face just watching John play is priceless

HoboSammiches says:

I love how a few minutes in he’s talking out his butt. Great focus on it so you really go, wow, there it is. It has to sustain it. C’mon man lmaoooo

Jeff says:

And another thing….I can't stand John Mayer…so full of himself…

Jeff says:

Yeah how much is that amp?…3000.00 dollars…lol…I will just keep playing my Peavey bandit made in the USA …with my tube screamer in front…J.L.T..

Noah Robertson says:

$10,000 ≠ accessible in my budget hahaha

lazy Guitarist says:

Freaking Legend

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