Fuel (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)


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Get ready for some SERIOUS action with this driving song full of twists and turns!

Patreon (tabs/notation, early access, backing tracks, …):

Reference video for an “acoustic” sound:

Guitar used:
Mayson MS9/SCE, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on www.timvanroy.be

0:00 Personal introduction
4:10 Pointers
10:39 Intro
19:02 Verse Section A
26:05 Verse Section B
34:13 Verse Section C
37:45 Putting It Together


Garth says:

I really appreciate this tutorial. Phenomenal work figuring it out man. You’ve got insane talent!!!

M H says:

Thanks so much for this one! I absolutely love the rythm of this song and thanks to you it was actually not too difficult to get the hang of it. Respect👍

GameSorcerer says:

I always listened to this and wanted to learn and now thanks to you I can. Much appreciated

ayushman bhalla says:

I badly need "windy and warm" lesson, when it's arriving on your channel ?

koensieben622 says:

Heel fijn Tim, jouw techniek is ook erg goed en gecontroleerd, daar blijf ik mee worstelen. Pinky kruipt altijd onder de hals, kan hem er soms wel afknippen!

Abonnee erbij!

ReptilieniPlati says:

You deserve all the respect in the world for teaching us Tommy's pieces.
A question tho: I know you have already planned the lessons till October, but is Blue Moon one of them?

Diy Electronics Sandakan says:

Tq tim…now i try to praktice…

john says:

Been learning this for 2 weeks, this will help tyyyyy for the rhythm A chord part i've been doing fingers flicking down then thumb 2nd string then fingers flicking up. Lol

Edmund Duff says:

Thankyou so much Tim – fantastic! A couple of requests for the future, Locomotivation and Endless Road…?!!! Thanks again… Oh and congratulations on the baby!!!!

Feday B. says:

Are you know how adjust string action to very low like on TE guitar? (Sorry for my english, anybody correct me, please ).

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