Fuel (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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Get ready for some SERIOUS action with this driving song full of twists and turns! This is an older tutorial that originally featured on-screen tablature. Due to copyright issues I had to take them out.

Tab/notation file:

Patreon (full tutorials and loads of extras):

Reference video for an “acoustic” sound:

Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on www.timvanroy.be

0:00 Personal introduction
3:54 Pointers
10:23 Intro
18:46 Verse Section A
25:49 Verse Section B
33:57 Verse Section C
37:29 Putting It Together



Francesco Ranalli says:

I need the second part of this tutorial

Tom Jack Paul says:

A very, very well done video. Thank you ever so much this Tim

Leo Saville says:

What’s that c shape in verse b

Ricky Imperial says:

where can I find the part 2 pls tim

Sawyer Hyatt says:

Excellent tutorial! But I was wondering, is the percussive "click" that Tommy uses in the rythmn, is that generated from the A string, or rather from the side of the thumb hitting the low E at an angle?

DC808 says:

it's great how you go into precise details explained, I didn't expect it to be this tricky

Yoon says:

Can you do classical gas tho

Simon Htoo says:

I can't finding part 2

Амиран Файзиев says:

Perfect explaining!

ART HIP says:

I downloaded it in time with on-screen tablature))

Davis Nadon says:

Cant wait for part 2

7 years ago says:

Can you do tutorial of guitar boogie ?

Thano Jr says:

explanation level 100%.

masQacordes says:

Thanks for share Tim

Nancy Baughman says:

Video look great! 🏽🎀

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