For Students of Mile High Shred – How To Practice Your Guitar Lessons

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This video was made for people who sign up for Skype and Video Correspondence Lessons with Mile High Shred. This video covers how most of the material will be practiced, and how to get the most out of your practice sessions.

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John G. Jordan says:

I don't know why, but I'm sloppier in medium speed (135-145) than in faster speed like 165-170. It took me more attepts to get out of that speed than after 150 to get to 170. But I feel that my sloppiness in medium speed affects a little bit my fast speed, and if I can get better at medium speed, I'd be cleaner at faster

Fuzzybunny 5150 says:

Okay… super excited for the first lesson this week… did I see alternate picking but not up and down? It was like down, up, up down. Can't wait to learn from this great shred machine.

AdamM says:

Not a student, just found your channel Mr Taylor after finding your older live streams of you practicing. Although im not a student at the moment, I found this extremely insightful to changing my mindset for making deliberate practice work in my favor. Thanks a lot for being humble and sharing this

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