ERUPTION by Van Halen played on ACOUSTIC GUITAR – Fingerstyle Tommy Emmanuel Chet Atkins #shorts

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Another version of Eddie Van Halen’s masterpiece this time on my Tommy Emmanuel model Maton Acoustic guitar! My friend commented that my banjo version contained no banjo rolls so this is using all forward rolls in a Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins style!
When you play it differently you realise what a nice piece of music it is in its own right….not just a great guitar solo!


Aden Pegram says:


Scooter Kooter says:

Clever..I love it

Gary Reid Backing Tracks says:

That's pretty hot!

Juan Pablo Marin says:

Eddie would love this!! Congrats!! Van Halen our greatest innovator….

Odd Sparrow says:

So good. That's amazing.

J says:

amazing!!! first time seeing Eruption played on an acoustic. Bravo! RIP EVH

Kim Taeyhung says:

That was beautiful 🥺

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