El Vaquero | Tommy Emmanuel (cover by Tim Van Roy)

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El Vaquero, a tune originally recorded by Chet Atkins and then transformed in a high-speed arrangement by Tommy Emmanuel. Loads of fun, but quite a challenge as well!

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Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on www.timvanroy.be



Steve Hughes says:

Well played Sir! This is another one I can pick up a few things from. As for ever playing the whole thing at that tempo….nahhhh.

venk0 says:

I can't wait for the free part on YouTube.. Nice play you got there man keep up the good work!

john says:

Oh yes, bravo 👍😎

Mateusz Spychalski says:

Wow great ! 😊

Francesco Caddeo says:

Really well done Tim

Benedict Kennedy says:

Only Channel that actually gets his songs right! As a college student I am super thankful for the free lessons! Keep it up!

gershwinfan says:

GREAT work!

masQacordes says:

Good Job Tim, is a difficult Tommy's song.

Сергей Радаев says:

Круто, Тим! Очень понравилось как сыграл)))

Walter Bombardi says:

Great !!!! When the tabs….?????

Jeremy Stone says:

Thank you Tim, for continuing to inspire me every day with your tutorials. Another sleepless night ahead 🎶🎸

Brandon Kear says:

This most impressive thing about this video is not the guitar playing, its how tim successfully executes the full denim attire…….

Keep up the great work tim !!

MrSidney9 says:

Nice work! Tommy plays it a lot faster than that. But honestly I prefer your tempo. It gives me enough time to digest and enjoy the sound of every chord.

72peenie says:

yo man not to annoy the cover but will you makea dixie maguire tutorial?

Małgorzata Przymuszała says:

Another graet cover for our new tutorial. Great!!!! I'm now working on "Song For A Rainy Morning" .. I need for a moment something easier for my fingers 😀 I wish I had so long fingers like Tommy. Thx for Your fantastic work!!!!

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