Drivetime (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)


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Get ready for a wild ride! This Tommy Emmanuel classic is a relentless rollercoaster, combining loads of different techniques, a demanding tempo and tricky chord voicings. Oh, and not to forget: you’ll need quite a bit of fretting hand stamina. Part 1 will focus on the intro and the verse!

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Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Introduction
2:09 Pointers
3:03 Intro (Chord voicings)
8:30 Intro (Picking pattern)
11:54 Intro (Variations and putting it together)
14:52 Verse (Playthrough and first chords)
17:33 Verse (Thumb on the A string for the C#m9 chord?!)
21:43 Verse (My nemesis, the G#m fill)
26:23 Verse (Bars 1-8 slowly)
27:03 Verse (Bars 9-16)
29:16 Verse (A way around the G#7#5 chord)
33:44 Verse (“Fixing” another thumb chord)
36:37 Verse (bars 9-16 slowly)
37:14 Putting It All Together



-- says:

Great job breaking this down.
Tommy's instructional video basically says, this is hard and don't practice in front of people because you will annoy people.
Good luck.
Thankfully, he wrote this brilliance and you are there to decipher.

Haye says:

This is an amazing tutorial. Really hard to play but great teaching. Thank you.

BobTheStickMan5 says:

For the chord at 17:55, I find that barring 4 on the A D G, middle finger on 4 of B, then your pinky on 6 of the D is a far easier way to play it. Might just be me but it dames simpler than stretching your fingers and using your thumb. Great tutorial though thank you very much!!!!

TheLegoMaster_ Z says:

So good mate! Thanks so much

Bailey Woodroffe says:

Just got through learning this part all thanks to this video! great tutorial man, i'm excited for the second part!

Jussi says:

Man, I thought the Mystery was impossible…

Zdenko Tonhajzer says:

It's really sad how much work you have put in into this tutorial and it's got only 900 views…You are the BEST Tim and I'm doing my best to learn this, but it's a LOT of work. Thanks again!

Johan van Nistelrooij says:

Geweldig Tim! Ik zoek dit zojuist op, blijkt het vorige week geupload te zijn. Bedankt, je legt het erg duidelijk uit en bent een begenadigd gitarist. Ik kan aan de slag.

Jaroslav Mencl says:

Him Tim, I'm back once again. I can play the opening now, but still confused with the rhythm. If you check this, there are two options and also different tabs show different counting. Normaly I can handle these things, but here it seems to be pretty tricky. I meang getting the main bass note on three. Have you got any tips for managing this? Or just playing and leaving "math" alone… Thanks!

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