Do Guitar Body Shapes Matter? Seth Lover Pickup in 3 Different Guitars

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I put the same pickup in 3 different sized guitars. Can you hear the difference?

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I wanted to find out whether my beloved Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickup sounds different in different guitar body shapes. While these guitars sound different acoustically of course, let’s find out if the electric sound is much different!
I hope to help unrevel the mystery 🙂

Do Body Shapes Matter? Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickup In 3 Different Guitars:
00:00 Introducing the 3 guitars
01:25 Sound Comparison – Rhythm & Chord Melody
02:24 Conclusion Rhythm Sounds
05:14 Sound Comparison – Lead Guitar Soloing
06:04 Outro

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂


GuitarVersum Sandra Sherman says:

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JudiAustria says:

Hi ! ich finde alle 3 ziemlich cool. Der sound kommt ja noch viel mehr aus den Fingern als aus der Technik..l.g. eine alte Ottakringerin 🙂

Paul Kelly says:

The De Angelico sounds the best. Currently I am using a PRS SE standard hollow body with stock pick ups but going through a Boss Core GT1000 set to a hollow body pre set No 5 It works a treat and gives a really good warm Jazz tone but still very clear even in an orchestral mix.

Luis Higuera says:

You are such an exceptional guitar player, dear Sandra. Maybe that’s why I can’t really find a significant sound difference. Thank you again for all your excellent work and dedication.

Lars Focken says:

Like I already wrote in another comment I have replaced the Probuckers in an Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s by these Seth Lovers. It is an amazing improvement! You can play everything from Jazz to Rock with them. Highly recommended!
Two more things for you Les Paul players:
1. The Seth Lovers are VERY similar to the more expensive Pearly Gates PUs that I also have in another Epiphone Les Paul.
2. The Gibson Burstbuckers that the Gibson Les Paul Standards come with sound brighter and more punchier than the Seymour Duncans.
Thanks, Sandra, for this video. 🙂

Foottapiologist says:

I heard a distinct difference between them. 👌

Mike D says:

Well. Listening with high-end headphones the character of the sound is the same but as you say there’s a very tiny difference in between them. The Heritage has more “humpf “😂 bass pressure and the d angelico less. It is very subtile but it s there. Not very strange. As a former luthier I think that on an electric guitar 70-80% of the sound comes from the pickups. I m quite sure the nut and fixed/floating bridge and fretboard probably influence the tone as much as the body if not more. With hollow /semi hollow it might be a more noticeable difference… the biggest difference I suppose is that your heritage guitar has a hollow body with a floating bridge while the 2 others are semi-hollow with fixed bridges. To know if that very tiny difference is because of the bridges or because of the semi hollow or or of the body-size is another story….. i m surprise of the sound of the Sire, very good indeed and in tone in between the heritage and the d angelico. The difference is most noticeable if one listen to the heritage and then to the d Angelico at once. With the sire in between those 2 the passage from one guitar to the other is almost unnoticeable…I love your videos, this one is no exception. Many thanks! I will very soon be enough one of your “ online” students too 😊love your playing and how you explain things 👍🙏. Best regards Fr Sweden. 😉

BP1T says:

Thanks Sandra, very interesting. I could hear very little difference in the comping but for the lead I thought both the slim lines sounded a bit brighter than the jazz box. Also, I could just sit and listen to you play all day and I'm wondering, during those very fast runs on the D'Angelico, were you hybrid picking or was that all straight picked?

brent wallace says:

I really can't tell any difference in sound. they all pretty much sound the same to me. what is your opinion of T.V. Jones pickups ?

Donald K Wilson says:

Great little presentation on three well made and reputable instruments. I wonder if you might have poked a hornets nest here but as a builder I am always fascinated by the opinions of people who listen with their ears, their eyes or their mouths. Let the debate begin…! B-)

Michael Frank says:

Die Hollowbody Gitarre klingt meines Erachtens schon deutlich anders, als die anderen zwei. Die Semisolids haben den für diese Bauart typischen Klang mit einem Boost in den oberen Mitten. Die Heritage klingt deutlich hohler und und hat eine leichte "Ü"-Betonung im Klang, was wiederum typisch für viele Vollresonanz Jazzgitarren ist. Das weichere Einschwingverhalten ist ebenfalls auffällig.

Jazz Guitar Scrapbook says:

I can never tell any difference when I watch things like this haha. The semis have more sustain than the Archie I would say. But that’s probably based on how my 175 feels compared to the 335. Feel. I think it’s a much bigger thing to guitarists than tone.

Gerd Van Juuten says:

I'll hear it back with headphones when I'm home. I don't hear much of a difference on my phone.

karl derdelinckx says:

The mini fits best visually. But it’s sound had a little less presence I found. A bit more mellow. Less attack.

Alexander Altago says:

great gear video, big thumbs up 👍🏻

skoughtw says:

I agree with your results. There is negligible amplified sound differences between electric guitar body sizes. The feel of the guitar between the sizes in terms of resonance is prominent. I also find that if you take flat top acoustics of various sizes and use similar pickups, the electric sound/tone is also the similar but unamplified acoustic sound/tone varies greatly. I am a looth by trade and closet jazzer. Thank you for your efforts!

Jovanovic Nebojsa says:

Très intéressant 😀😀😀☀️

Jovanovic Nebojsa says:


Schpotzl Zwergl says:

Heritage sounds best to my uneducated ears 🙂

Karnevil 999 says:

Sounded very alike to me, and I'm sure others in the comments saying they hear big differences probably wouldn't say that if it was a completely blind test…

robert balogh says:

I think the 575 sounds the best. Probably because of the rosewood or ebony bridge

Kelly Dunn says:

I honestly can't tell much diffetence from listening but as you said playing live you can hear the nuances! I'll take my guitar in to the music store and have them install the Seymour Duncan puckups! Great video!!!

foggyblues13 says:

They all sound wonderful, but there are definite tonal differences from what I hear. The larger the body, the deeper and thick the tone which is what I would expect.
Great video as always.

Andy Pennington says:

they all sound sweet and jazzy but the 575 is way warmer and therefore best, it's just more authentic Jazz Guitar tone (non were bad though ).

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