Def Leppard’s Rock Of Ages guitar solo live 🎸🔥. Pyromania at Monsters On The Mountain 🤘⚡️

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My name is Brandon Paul and I love all things music. I am a long time guitarist, singer, guitar teacher, live/touring performer and love nothing more than to express my passion through the power of music! When I am not performing or touring, I am always teaching guitar lessons online and out of my music studio! I am humbled to educate students and help them progress on their musical journeys. I started out as a traveling basketball player at a young age and then transposed to a musician around the age of 16. Not an easy transition, but my burning passion transferred over from sports into making music for a living. Anything is truly possible, and it’s NEVER too late! I am grateful for all the support across my social media and through my musical endeavors. You can find me anywhere online @brandonpaulofficial and my music on any digital platform (Spotify, iTunes, etc.). Thanks for supporting and becoming a friend! Much


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