“Deep River Blues” (Revisited) | Doc Watson – Intermediate FINGERPICKING Guitar Lesson with TAB

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A revised and updated guitar lesson on my most popular lesson on YouTube: “Deep River Blues”, with updated TAB and backing tracks. In this lesson, we take an in-depth look at this fingerpicking classic in the style of Doc Watson and some of the unique aspects that make this tune so fun to play. You will also learn fingerpicking and muting techniques that help add dynamics to your playing.

Watch the full lesson video, backing tracks and PDF tab sheet at ➜ https://brandonjohnsonguitar.com/product/deep-river-blues-revisited-doc-watson-intermediate-fingerpicking-guitarlesson-with-tab/

Get just the TAB and backing tracks at ➜ https://brandonjohnsonguitar.com/product/deep-river-blues-revisited-doc-watson-style-intermediate-guitarlesson-practice-pack-mp3-practice-audio-pdf-tab-sheet-tef-tab-file/

00:00 – Performance
01:13 – Intro
01:48 – Measure 1
05:05 – Measure 2
08:14 – Measure 1-2 with Metronome

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Myra Florance says:

Thanks so much for good ending luck for deep river blues. Your lessons are super.

Myra Florance says:

What is good ending lick for deep river blues? Love your arrangement

richat1 says:

is it just me or is this 10times harder to play than any of claptons acoustic blues ?

Lymanization says:


Beeman Running says:

Awesome lesson. Much appreciated! Thanks Brandon. Would love to see a lesson of You Are My Flower if possible.

Shady_0701 says:

Still Wrong method

MrTriplet says:

2nd Chord isn't right, sounds wrong

Simp Simpson says:

its nothing like Deep River Blues,,completely missing the feel..sorry try again

Infoman says:

Brandon you are a fantastic teacher. great job

VictumTy says:

Could you do Charlies Boogie by Smiley bates

Hawkshaw says:

Can you make a Video for the ending of this Song, or maybe Tab it?🙈

Jim Ajello says:

Brandon, great performance as well explanation of this gem. Though not written by Doc. Watson it is very open to many rhythm beats. Lots of open canvas for off beat, back beat, cord triads & single note finger styles melody lines intervals. Great version, great instruction & thank you for passing on this great song for generations to come.🎼👌

Widget Handler says:

Damn, that's intermediate?

I'm a forever beginner.

Chris Clayton says:

The tabs your offering for this is laid out on paper just like you have it on screen? This is how I like it.

Michał Iwański says:

Hi Brandon fantastic demo @the begining. But howaboutherestofthemesures?😁😭

3 Card Monty says:

Love this song. Thanks Brandon.

Branden E says:

Great lesson. Thanks

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