Cool Sounding Blues Licks [Intermediate Guitar Lesson]

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Cool Sounding Blues Licks [Intermediate Guitar Lesson]

This cool sounding blues licks Intermediate Guitar Lesson teaches an interesting descending blues lick in minor pentatonic but with some major notes and phrasing mechanics that really bring it to life and offer a challenge for intermediate players.

This intermediate guitar lesson will give you a cool, interesting blue lick for your personal library and help develop your timing and style. Like always start slow and work up the pace, ensuring it sounds clean.

Good luck and enjoy! 🎸👍

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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Riff Breakdown Part 1
04:42 – Outro


Harmonix Tuition says:

Hey Intermediate players! TRY THIS ONE NEXT! ✅🎸👍 – Blues/Heavy Rock A Minor Pentatonic Lick

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