Classical Gas [Mason Williams] | Tommy Emmanuel | Tabs


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Fingerstyle Tabs | Classical Gas [Mason Williams] | Tommy Emmanuel [with TABS]

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Tuning: Standard
I merged the tabs creating this with the original music video
This is for educational purpose only. It really helps me learn the song faster. Other than that it does not profit me in any way. All credits go to the owner of the tabs and the video
I took the tabs straight from here all thanks to アコ channel

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Thank you so much!


Fil trep says:

Me and the playback speed of 0.5 will be spending a lot of time together.

수령동무리자몽 says:

1:42 ??? error??????

Ioio 3004 says:

Nothing is impossible, I started looking at this song 6 month ago and no way I could do it. I'm getting back to it, taking little bit by little bit and I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to play it (without the other songs and parts he puts in it, just classical gas) in some month or so. I'll keep everyone updated !

Tom Westphal says:


Ricgard Smith says:

Slow down tommy!

Iber Alex says:

Yeh i rather play neon

Oskar_Wild_ says:

Is my life enough to learn playing this just like Tommy

מורי אור כהן says:

Thank you. Just.. just thank you.

Athena Shot says:

I tryna learn but my brain said ‘ don’t do it’

Jam Kuerlun says:

Let me tell everyone want to play like him first you need practice every day and find a way and I guess this song need practice 5 years up, of course this is maybe he play 60 years relationship Important gift

DinoHat says:

how do you even begin to learn this

Oscar Stern says:

Let's hear what it sounds like on a Nylon Guitar, & even a 6 String Guitar-Banjo.

Thái Bình Trần says:

How tf could you even write this down.. Hats off.

Diares says:

I. need. to. learn. this. immediately.

Jam Kuerlun says:

Haha you forgot even this is not human can play

Сергей Викторович says:


KAMSA says:

I want tab
I’m your sungha jung 🥺

Anjesh Basnet says:

Can u please do james bartholomew dancing on my own tabs

Do ni says:

Req: its my life – eddie van deer meer tabs

Mr. Osho says:

Can u upload up and up (cooldplay )arrangement by Eddie

pipe says:

Y pummm!!!, Cayó del cielo el tab que tanto quería XD, gracias!!!!!

Paavo Cymanow says:

Okay cool there is a Tab? Just threw up in my mouth!

tegularius ferramontuk says:

офигеть!! wow!!

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