Cannonball Rag – Merle Travis (With Tab) | Watch and Learn Travis Picking Guitar Lesson

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Here’s how I play the thumb picker’s anthem; Cannonball Rag. I worked this song out many years ago, but recently I saw Tommy Emmanuel play a version for Guitar Centre which had a few runs, fills and embellishments that I decided to pinch and add to this version. As with all these tunes, I’d recommend learning it slowly, but once you’ve got all the positions memorised, a good tempo to build it up to, would be around say, 190-220 bpm. Having said that, this tempo is still a fair bit slower than the lightning speed Tommy plays it at!

Be sure to try and copy the chord shapes I’m fretting, as well as following the tabs, because some of the notes that the thumb pick catches on the down sweep, are not tabbed out, as it would make the tab quite confusing to follow. If you’re having trouble catching all the notes for the fast runs, you can always slow the speed of the video down in the Youtube player settings (it’s the little wheel icon you need to click on, then adjust playback speed).

Best of luck and have fun with it 🙂

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Joel Lindén says:

Big thanks for this one. Really enjoy your versions of Travis. It would be great to see your take on Chets Caravan.

Tyler Yates says:

Thank you so much, man! I learned this song by just watching a few people play it, but I could never get some of the notes that you put in your tabs. Thanks, man!

Rob Marvin says:

Superb playing as always! Really enjoy your tutorials man and I’ve been wanting one on this for ages. Once again, you’re the man to come to. May I ask how long you have been playing for? And more specifically, this kind of fingerpicking style of playing? Keep up the good work!

Aung Khant Paing says:

I'm getting spongebob vibe. I need to buy thumb pick from local store and learn this already:<

Alex Pushkin says:

Thank you, Camilio! Do you play Tommy Emmanuel's version of "Deep River Blues"? There's a version of it but it is not exactly the one Tommy usually plays.

StigmaShadow says:

Thanks man, I've been learning a few songs through your videos. Can you do Blue Smoke some time? <3
Also.. I never learned how to use a thumb pick… Am I just losing tone?

00797jerry says:

This was my song request a few videos ago 😉 Amazing! Thank you :)!

Gilles Merlier says:

Géniale ! J’adore

Béla Scialoja says:

Super good job! Keep it up, Cam…. : )

123ralen says:

Nice….now…double tempo 👍

James Repetto says:

vERY nice version

John Simmons says:

Kick ass man!

Hugh Janus says:

This guy deserves a medal!!!!

Emlyn Griffith says:

Great playing as always….I can play most of it but I need to practice those runs and banjo rolls! 👍

jagercaster says:

Awesome 👍

Julian k Levene says:

Fantastic as always… now I can learn it 😐

FritzSchnitz Mueller says:

Nice thanks for doing vids again

Chantal Marcano says:

Brilliant guitar playing Camilo! Such a beautiful sound you get from the instrument! Bravo!

Coyote - says:

fantástico!!! ahora a practicar, practicar, practicar…… gracias

Lucy Morland says:

Smashing stuff CJ.

Mathew Kuruvilla says:

Superb playing, as always. Cheers😊

ql du 13 says:

Nice job 👍👌👊👊👊

Supreme Theater says:

Awesome Always bro!!

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