Blue Moon (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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One of Tommy’s biggest crowdpleasers, dissected for you from start to finish! Part 1 will cover the intro (with Tommy’s live build-up), the verse and a few variations on the verse. In part 2 I show you the chorus, a few of Tommy’s flashy licks and the full ending. Happy picking!

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Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
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0:00 Introduction
1:12 Pointers
1:19 Intro Build-Up
2:25 Intro (The Bass Player)
4:00 Intro (The Drummer)
7:46 Intro (The Rhythm Guy)
16:00 Intro (Putting it all together)
17:30 Verse (Bars 1-4)
23:37 Verse (Bars 5-8)
26:34 Verse (And adding the backbeat again)
29:31 Verse 2 (Adding variations)

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Edu Souza says:

Amazing tutorial, thank you!

Robbert-Jan Hermsen says:

Tim, you are a born teacher! Really good and clear explanations. I just subsribed but I can't do without already. Keep up the good work. Thanks

dansh5 says:

Great! Great! Great!

Pete Keenan says:

Tim just been over some tracks back plays after a break and must admit your one of the best tutorials I’ve struck love the intricacies with no Bullshit and Ego Grt Man PK Palmy NZ lol👍👍

Primdmit says:

I’m a subscriber of several guitar channels, some of them have millions of subscribers but 90% of my time i spend here on Tim’s channel. It’s a surprise for me why so few subscribers here, you deserve hundreds of thousand at least. Thank you for your work! My guitar playing improved radically thanks to your channel. Wish you all the best and please stay with us!

しと says:


Fuddorian says:

I found your channel last night and you are my hero for uploading such excellent tutorials of Tommy's work ! A man of the people !

Sean Gilbert says:

Fantastic tutorial! Thank you for posting this!

Sabee sunwaR says:

Cant thank you enough for this tutorial Tim….🙏🙏🙏🙏
How about cannon ball rag tutorial?

AnthonyMarcusBaylon says:

Nice work Tim!!!
Be waiting for borsalino😉😁

Artem Litvinov says:

Thank you for the time and effort you put into each of your lessons! Wish you lots of patience and strengths))

Sebzillax says:

Nice video Tim! Do you have any plans on doing "The Man With The Green Thumb"? I would love to see that! You are by far the best source of Tommy Emmanuel tutorials 🙂

Wiesław Zapert says:

Amazing thanks

Alex Pushkin says:

Thank you, Tim! Great job as always!

Diego Pro ㄠ says:

Drivetime lesson please

I'am brazilian

agallerygal1 says:

Tim you are the best!

Hiram Serna says:

You have quality in your playing. Thanks for this!

Francesco Ranalli says:

Thanks for all this tutorials!, You're the best ✨!

Alessandro Biondi says:

Thanks for your tutorials! Keep it up ☺😉

you zuo says:

just waiting for this. Thanks 👍

Vaughn Maurt says:

yikes…more here than I thought…this won’t happen over night…..thx Tim!

teki 96 says:

Again Tim – thanks for that!! U absolutely amazing! 🙂

Fernando G. says:

Tim you deserve way more subs!!!

东皋 says:

thank you sir

Rohit Taeja says:

Yay.! Finally

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