Best Finger Exercise – Beginner Guitar Lesson Day 1 Advent Calendar 2022

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In this video I teach you what I believe to be one of the most important fingers exercises that you should learn as a beginner guitarist as It teaches you the fundamentals of learning the one finger per fret method.

Full Cover Of In Dulci Jubilo:

Day 1 – Finger Exercises (beginner lesson)

Day 2 – Jingle Bells beginner Christmas song (beginner Lesson)

Day 3 – Em Chord (beginner Lesson)

Day 4 – Learn Mike Oldfield’s In Dulci Jubilo Solo Part 1 (Advanced Lesson)

Day 5 – C Major Chord (beginner lesson)

Day 6 – Learn The Best Christmas Solo Ever Part 2

Day 7 – E Major Chord (beginner lesson)

Day 8 – Best Finger Exercise Ever

Day 9: Best Christmas Solo Ever Part 3

Day 10: Best Christmas Solo Ever Part 4

Day 11: Last Christmas Cover

Day 12: Learn Last Christmas – Wham

Day 13: Best Christmas Solo Ever Part 5

Day 14: In Dulci Jubilo Solo 5 different speed to practice

Day 15: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Day 16: Learn The A Major Chord

Day 17: Learn The E7 Chord

Advent Calendar Playlist:…


lyla foy says:

love this, nice one KH X

John Harrison says:

Wow this sounds exciting

Rebecca Struzyna says:

Great challenge! Keep them coming!!!

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