Best Acoustic Guitars I've Ever Played!

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Manuel Delgado has hand crafted guitars for Old Crow Medicine Show, Los Lobos, Jose Feliciano, and was even a music consultant for Pixar’s box office topping film, Coco! On this episode of Guitar Tours, I get to sit down with Manuel in his workshop and play a few of the finest guitars I have ever touched. Come hang out and dive into Manuel’s 3 generation tradition of producing the best acoustic guitars in the world!

Check out Manuel’s Guitar Workshop!

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Marty Music says:

Thanks for supporting!!!

Luey Tele Deluxe says:

Very mellow tone from that gold bigsby model. Sounds like it might suit jazz ..? Or classical, perhaps… 😕?

…Mind you.. that's what the les paul was meant to be… and some fenders (jazzmaster at least, right?).

It would be interesting to hear how she responds to some Gaaaaaaiin !! 😀

freesk8 says:

That was cool! 🙂

Ian Wolinski says:

Good to see the land of A7 make an appearance.

Raquel 1234 says:

Awesome video I love the sound of classical guitar and Manuel's an extremely talented luthier! Could you maybe do a lesson on the jaw dropping tune at the beginning of the video? Thanks Marty!

Ben Jarrell says:

Great video Marty! I actually now own that exact 3764 Highway 51 model that you’re playing in the video.
Manuel is a great friend and has helped out my music a lot. I’m really happy to see him promoted in one your videos. Well done!

Jerome Dechant says:

Beautiful guitars and playing. 🙂

Simón Serra says:

I can't be the only one who wishes for a "Un Poco Loco" tutorial, am I??

Robin Fawcett says:

Super interesting guy, very cool. Could easily have listened to a lot more of that.
I also hear my Dad and Grandad talking to me and encouraging me when I am at the bench…

NeverEatenCake says:

This video inspired me to build my first guitar! Wish me luck and maybe my grandkids will build guitars

Chris Crawford says:

Being from New Mexico, Manuel reminds me of the Pimentel family from Albuquerque. If your a guitar player in NM, you know the Pimentel name and reputation.

Mason Glasser says:

Play mouthful of cavities by blind melon!

James Fox says:

Song suggestion: roundabout by yes

Fionn Hillman says:

Hey Marty it would be awesome if you could do a song by The Smiths! Big-mouth or The Headmasters Ritual would be awesome 🙂

Hady ABBAD says:

were you in Paris these last days ?

Code Underground says:

The gold on the electric guitar is tacky as hell. It could just be I find Gibson style guitars ugly anyway. Although you can't take away from the craftsmanship of that guitar. It seems they make really nice guitars. I really love that the company is a family business and working on those guitars keeps the spirit of his father alive in each and every guitar built

Antonio Cruz says:

Could you make a vid teaching ob la di ob la da by the Beatles Marty?

Filipe Diogo says:

Absolutely Amazing guy…. amazing family!!!!

Jenny Gavin-Wear says:

Just can't understand your anti Brit crap over the past months.
Unsub from me.

Kurt Frusciante says:

Can you do Ain’t it fun by guns n‘ roses? 🙂

Nick O'brien says:

Man can you actually teach some decent songs for once? Nikki Minaj? Chris brown? Flo rida? Pit bull? Come on man do some classics for once

Guitar Shredder7012 says:

Wow this is such a cool video good work

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