BEST Acoustic Guitar For Beginners | Guitar Gift Guide 2022


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Friends & family often ask me what is the best acoustic guitar for beginners? Let me help you find your beginner acoustic guitar!
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Wondering what is the best guitar for beginners? Today we’ll go over a few guitars for beginners, and I’ll share my opinion on the best beginner acoustic guitar, as well as some options for guitars for small hands. On top of that, I’ll show you some must-have guitar accessories (guitar gift ideas!) that will make your guitar life (or loved one’s) much easier.

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#1 – Yamaha FG800 – Solid wood top, full-size guitar
#2 – Yamaha FS800 – Same as the FG, but the body is a little smaller
#3 – Yamaha APXT2 – Similar to above, but the guitar is 3/4 size, so MUCH smaller (good guitar for small hands)


#1 – Clip-on Tuner
#2 – Thin guitar picks
#3 – Extra strings – The above guitars come with [12, 16, 25, 32, 42, 52] usually called “Light”

▶️ “Best Guitar For Beginners” Table of Contents

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – A friend asked for my opinion
2:03 – Avoid grocery store guitars!
3:02 – Go used and save money
4:29 – Small hands? Try this…
5:07 – 3 accessories you’ll need
6:45 – The next steps

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Thank you for hearing me out! I hope this helps you decide on a beginner acoustic guitar that is right for you!


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Good Guitarist says:

💻 Check out James' Beginner Guitar Course:

Soaring Eagle says:

I wish you would make a tutorial video
On playing Bob Seger’s “You’ll accompany me” and/or Deep Purple’s “Soldier of Fortune” on acoustic

John says:

I am a late student to the guitar and I am not James' student, so I have nothing to gain by saying what I'm going to say, which is this: James is exactly correct in everything he said. I own a Yamaha FS800 and an FG850. Yamaha provides incredible value for the money. Also, the picks he showed you are great; I use them, too. They are Dunlop Tortex picks and you can get them at your local music store or online. However, my Snark tuners work fine (sorry, James – lol).

Final word: the other thing that is just as important as the guitar is getting a teacher. They are often not as expensive as you think, and the money you spend will help you advance much more quickly than you could on your own. Voice of experience.

Micheal Graham says:

Here’s a tip. Your local music store might have a student guitar package. I bought a new acoustic Yamaha FD01S for $189 (US). It came with a soft case, picks, Yamaha tuner and extra strings. This was 2 years ago.

Transformers and Video Games says:

Great advice. I’m a total beginner. I recently picked up a gently used Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar from a garage sale for $35.00 CAD. I figured I couldn’t go wrong for the price. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Dada Veda says:

A good way to get a good used guitar is to go to a pawn shop.

TF Shaw says:

My first acoustic guitar was a Yamaha FG800. I still love it and it most likely will stay with me for my lifetime. By the way, my first electric guitar was a Yamaha Pacifica 112V and I feel the same about that guitar.

Таля Захарова says:


danny powers says:

Thnx for the info…found a FGX 800C used for sale locally…think i might buy it

Liberals R Mentally Flawed says:

If $500.00 and down is the budget someone has.. My opinion, Yamaha FG800, FG830 can't be beat…

趙志宏 says:

You give me a better idea 👍

cpt willard says:

OMG thats the guitar l have got Yamaha FG800, l agrree with your assessment, after doing research thats what l went for. 👍

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