Beginners! 1 Simple Guitar Chord Transition Trick For Smoother Chord Changes

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Beginners! For smoother chord changes try this simple hack. An easy hack to improve your playing.📢More Transition Tutorials:

Thiis short beginner guitar tutorial will show you how with three basic major chords in the key of A major. You’ll learn how to play those guitar chords and how you can use a simple technique to improve your guitar chord transitions.

This technique focuses on looking at the fingers you’re using to fret the chords and how the fingers in common between those chords, for example A major to D major, can make that chord change smoother. This is a technique that works well when you are just beginning. This is not something that you need to try and do quickly at first. It is simply to understand how a finger that is anchored onto the fretboard can help get you from one chord to another without having to lift everything off the fretboard. It will also help to improve your muscle memory as you practise this.

Sometimes this anchored finger slides up the fretboard, meaning going towards you, or how it slides down the fretboard, meaning going away from you.

During this beginner tutorial you will also have a chance to practise these chord transitions with a few practice chord progressions

Beginners! 1 Simple Guitar Chord Transition Trick For Smoother Chord Changes
⏰ Chapters ⏰
00:00 A simple chord transition technique
00:30 How to play the A major chord and D major chord
01:10 The A major to D major chord transition
03:09 Practice chord progression. Two bars of A followed by two bars of D
04:18 How to play the E major guitar Chord
04:53 The D major chord to the E major chord transition
06:15 Practice chord progression. Two bars of D, two bars of E.
07:19 Tip! Be careful playing the E major chord and A major chord
08:40 Practice chord progression. Two bars of A, two bars of D, two bars of E, one bar of D, one bar of A

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Thank you for watching my “Beginners! 1 Simple Guitar Chord Transition Trick For Smoother Chord Changes” beginners guitar tutorial.


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📢More Transition Tutorials:

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