Beatles Medley (Live) | Tommy Emmanuel

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This video is part of the “Tommy Emmanuel – Center Stage” DVD which was filmed at the Big Room at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA. Filmed and Directed by Peter Berkow.

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Allosaurus Fragilis says:

Tommy is quite something

Agent John Biddle says:

This song but a different video was the first one I ever saw of tommy Emmanuel. I remember being absolutely floored. Still am. He’s the absolute 🐐

John Martin says:

his fingers must have their own brain or soemthin

Ee Keat Khor says:

The bass, the rhythm and the lead, even the percussion, all by ONE man! Wow!!

Dennis van Gompel says:

3:27 is to tell all the rockers out there that this gentleman can shred too..

Black Beard says:

What is the name of first song?

Carl Worden says:

This is just insane. Just a magician with the instrument

Dreamin Man says:

Better than Tommy only God can Play guitar better

Linda Mon says:

Hi Tommy! Wow dewd stilll as hot as ever ! Loved you since you mesmerized 1000's @ walnut valley festival yrs ago loved you then love you still& 4 ever man! Nicest gentleman in the whole of the music industry! GODSPEED BROTHER!!!

Владимир Крупнов says:

А Мурку он может?

jack brennan says:

Is that Sandy Shalk nodding with gleeful approval at 2.15? Wholesome

Richard Steinberg says:

I know you are by far one of greatest guitar players in the world.

Александр стаценко майбах says:


Teresa Burton says:

A little bit of heaven right here on earth….

Matteo Padrin says:

Does anyone know what's the song name at 1:17?

Andrea Capozzo says:

FANTASTICO, si vede che suona 25 ore al giorno… 🙂

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