Bass Tip #2 – 'Ear Training' – with Scott Devine (L#82)


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Ear training is one of THE most important things any musician should be working on… and what’s the best thing about it?… You can practice ear training without your bass! That means every time you’re listening to music on your own in the car, bike or train etc… you can be practicing your ear training!


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D.L. Loonabide says:

Scott, please stop modeling singophobia.

George Harvey says:

Fantastic line of thought. Thank you Scott.

LawCo Warden says:

At the start I thought I hit the Bob Ross channel by mistake. lol
Music was so similar.

anghealach64 says:

Okay, complete noob here, be kind – what is an interval?

Prince Ricker says:

Ed Friedland calls these mnemonic tags, I believe. Great lesson!

alp yuce says:

You are one of the best Philosopher of the Music and Bass

Gabo says:

who looks at a bass lesson video and says "yeah, i don't like it, dislike" unreal

MrJunkfoodjunky says:

your singing is just fine Scott!

Quiggy Carboncat says:

Your playing on the intro is positively BITCHIN'

Jack Diarmid says:

13.00min: Teacher showing off! 😉

Tom van der wulp says:

Can anybody tell me why I can never find the backing track download, the link is always something else like notation or a couple of tips or something

RORGuitars - EXPRESSIV says:

Best music lesson I've got in a long time – Love it Scott …..!

Stacey Pineda says:

What up with the gloves???

Manny Guajardo V says:

this is by far one of the best tips for any instrument and on the bass is just great, thank you very much Scott

Jeremy Schoukroun says:

Mate this is just really amazing ! Thanks for this a lot !

Jeremeah Dela Cruz says:

thanks scott I learn everything for you

Lisa says:

This has to be my favorite bass lesson of yours! I sometimes do the interval thinking while playing, but now I'm going to try to "play" songs without the bass as well. Thank you for the tip!

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