Bad Habits – Bass Soloing Lesson with Scott Devine (L#81)


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In this bass lesson I highlight a common bad habit that most bass players suffer from at one time or another when trying to solo over chord changes. But, I show you an AWESOME SAUCE exercise so YOU don’t do the same!


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Abhinam Ghalay says:

You're the best teacher in my life .

Max Müller says:

Where can we download the Playalong?

m v says:

Who has ears, use em

Mains Blanches says:

Of course you will naturally go back to the root at the end of the solo to kind of resolve!!…


Can u please atleast Gide me through settings it


Can u please make a video to set a eq paddel boss geb7

AKLowEnd says:

I love all of your lessons so far!!! Problem is, now I have so much practicing to do. Good problem.)

Ijidakinro Gideon says:

thanks scot i'm helped😁

Nico Negron says:

Scott, your videos go well beyond the needs of bassists alone. Through you, I've learned concepts to apply to my all around musicianship. Thank you.

Adam Ludwig says:

Great tip! I totally gravitate towards the root, but now I'll rethink it. Thanks Scott!

Bully Thakidd says:

I learned playing by ear and i have been playing for a few years i believe I'm pretty good in most situations but my question is this… if i wanted to become more technically sound where would be a good place to start.

Sheriff Seaweed says:

scott thanks for the lessons! quick question, do you like fender jaguars ? im debating one but i dont see many people play em so im a little iffy about it

ParsevalMusic says:

Tonight watching to a ton of your videos! You're great!

Bezaleel Music & English says:

I took lessons with John Patitucci's book many years ago now, and now I consider you to be even better. Great lessons. Thanks Scott

Dan Nobles says:

Super cool lesson!

65mango says:

Thank you for the clear lesson.

Janderson Leite says:

Tem como você fazer um vídeo em português sobre improvisação?

Charles Hart says:

Biggest bad habit among bass players (and guitar players to) is the dependency on tabs, seriously.

Samir Segovia says:

Pelado, sos un groso!

Livsie says:

Riley McLaughlin the wizard
Go to Scott's web site, for example (the link is underneath the video), there is SCOTT'S LESSON LIBRARY with many bass lessons for beginners. Peace)

virus1980 says:

 sorry but thats nonsense.anyone who knows the basic harmony knows that here he have to deal with 3 chords(2-5-1) related to one scale(c major-ionian).so whats the point?why do i have to think
roots and the fifth of the roots again and again?i just play c major over the three chords and start from any note i want and i am done!so easy..just my opinion friendly.

kenneth smith says:

top man ,very good

Below Average Joe says:

That is beautiful tone he gets from that P-bass.

Uniquethemateo7 says:

Never been able to afford bass lessons, so you've helped me out so much, Scott! Groove on, dude!

tweezer1975 says:

So glad I found this channel….thanks!

Diederick Aretz says:

bad habits; TABS!

Tom Melody says:

Thank you! 😀

Vincent Rpl says:

Useful, yes we're programmed to play the root note every time, even, when I solo a little bit on the guitar, I do the same !

bobbyles says:

He should have a "love it" button. 

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