Amazing Grace (arr. Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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Amazing Grace, in the arrangement by Tommy Emmanuel. When you let Tommy arrange a timeless classic you can expect some serious fireworks! This song scared me the most when it came up for a tutorial, but the first verse isn’t too demanding yet. However, your fretting hand pinky is going to get quite a workout!

Musicnotes (tab/notation):


Guitar used:
Mayson MS7, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Introduction
1:14 Pointers
2:42 Verse 1
4:31 Bars 1 – 2
8:54 Bars 3 – 4
12:18 Playthrough 1 – 4
12:51 Bars 5 – 6
16:50 Bars 7 – 8
22:40 Playthrough 1 – 8
23:30 Bars 9 – 10
26:44 Bars 11 – 12
30:38 Bars 13 – 14
35:31 Bars 15 – 16
37:29 Playthrough 9 – 16
38:57 Full Playthrough
40:23 Full Playthrough (C# Tuning)



Tom Jack Paul says:

Another great lesson Tim. Well played, and each section brilliantly articulated. May your channel continue to grow as it deserves to <3

Bar Kazzaz says:

Dude wow!
This is a great lesson for an advanced song with a nice and slow approach.
I would recommend using this to understand the different ways Tommy surrounds the melody, and then trying to play with him to get the feel and the timing down.
Awesome lesson!

쭌브로스 says:

Yeah!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!

sky blue says:

Been waiting for this one…thanks a lot Tim.. Truly appreciate it..

Sean Alexander says:

Incredible Tim! Your content provides such phenomenal value and information and is only a matter of time before you blow up.

Would love to learn heartbreak hotel on guitar, also tuned a semitone down. I'm sure you've got many ideas in the making just would love to learn this one!!

Take care man and keep rocking! ✌🏻

Sean ✌🏻

Anton says:

Hi this is my new absolute favourite channel for improving my guitar playing, thank you. Everything is amazing

Abdul Rakhman says:

Thanks, From Alipper Indonesia
Kopi mana kopi. ?

B Johnson says:

TIm…..youR presentation and explanations are smooth, informative, and enjoyable. !!

Godis Agbenorhevi says:

Thanks. But how about 'It's Never Too Late' you talked about in your recent Livestream?

Godis Agbenorhevi says:

Thanks. But how about 'It's Never Too Late' you talked about in your recent Livestream?

silvenshadow says:

Beautiful!! Are those Samson C02 mics?

lalremtluanga khawlhring says:

Thank You Tim. Your Tutorial is the Best. Hope your Channel grows in the years to come 🙂

GMSI7D says:

hey Tim, thank you. thanks for your work and your channel. this is the best channel on youtube for learning Tommy Emmanuel songs

shae hyatt says:

I love this arrangement…can't explain how much. Thanks so much Tim!

Karl-Wilhelm Schreitz says:

You are absolutely the best teacher for great acoustic music on the guitar. I`ve been waiting so long for this one from you. Great!

Y z says:

amazing tim! thank you

Joe Butler says:

Tim… This is awesome! Thanks so much. I know you had to put a lot of work into this. Such a great song, and an amazing arrangement.

Ngoc nguyen xuan says:

A M A Z I N G !

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